Scentsy Products Information

The Scentsy product line began back around 2004 with decorative flameless wax warmers coupled with aromatic scented wax, available in a variety of fragrances. Over the years the products have expanded and nowadays Scentsy is the leader in fragrance delivery systems and fragrances for the home or any interior space.

Scentsy now has scented products for cleaning, doing the laundry, our bodies and even our pets! We have fragrances for small enclosed spaces, larger spaces such as your car and the list goes on.

Since I became a Scentsy Independent Consultant back in 2008 I’ve published many useful posts intended to help my customers and visitors keep informed about all the latest products. Enjoy…

What are Our Product Information Posts About?

Over the years Scentsy has done a terrific job expanding their product offerings, but with so many new creations, sometimes our newer customers are confused and have many questions. As a result, we hope the posts we’ve published above answer some of those questions while providing tips and basic information about all the latest. If you’re a regular, long time customer, you know just how far Scentsy has come.

Examples of Topics Covered

Although there are plenty more, here are just a few of the more popular or useful posts our website visitors and customers seem to enjoy:

As mentioned, we have many more Scentsy product information posts, but if you are NOT finding the info you are searching for, please contact us and we’ll so our best to publish the information needed.

Some Posts in Specific Cities

NOTE: You might find some posts dedicated to a specific geographic area. Unless you live in those areas and cannot find a consultant, just ignore them. When Scentsy first started there we some areas, especially in California, customers could not find local consultants. Nowadays, we have consultants in most cities, so those posts are probably no longer needed. For now, we leave them published, just in case!