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Mary Gregory 661-210-7617

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Scentsy Battery Powered Warmers

Battery Powered Scentsy Warmers With NO Cord!

By Mary Gregory | July 23, 2017

Yes, we carry the popular portable battery powered Scentsy warmers with NO CORD. That’s right, it’s a more convenient Scentsy fragrance delivery system you’re going to love! If you are a past customer you can now enjoy some of your favorite Scentsy fragrances using new Scentsy battery powered warmers without…

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House Cleaning Products by Scentsy

Aromatic Cleaning Products By Scentsy

By Mary Gregory | February 21, 2016

Now you can make your countertops and dishes smell “Scentsy Clean” with our new aromatic cleaning products by Scentsy. Our customers are raving about the popular new aromatic cleaning products, called Scentsy Clean! If you love Scentsy’s amazing scented wax, oils and other home fragrances, you will also love the new line ofaromatic…

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Blast Off Scentsy Warmer

"Blast Off" With Scentsy Space Alien Mary

By Mary Gregory | June 29, 2014

Now is the perfect time to “Blast Off” with Space Alien Mary Gregory, and check out this cute candle warmer. UPDATE 2016: We’re very disappointed to share this warmer has been discontinued. Even still, Scentsy continues to come out with the most unique and top quality wickless candle warmers ever,…

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Scentsy Slapshot Warmer the Perfect Gift for Hockey Fans

By Mary Gregory | June 8, 2014

Update 2017: No longer available, back in 2013 Scentsy came out with a hockey themed warmer called Slap Shot. It was quite popular at the time but unfortunately it was discontinued. We still have many more popular candle warmers which are appealing to everyone. Our warmers make for a thoughtful…

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What’s With the Scentsy Mustache Candle Warmer?

By Pete Gregory | June 1, 2014

As a less than trendy Scentsy Independent Director husband, I was just wondering what’s all the excitement with the Scentsy Mustache Candle Warmer? Of course, my Scentsy director wife showed me the warmer with the mustache on it when it came out, but I really didn’t think anything about it.…

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Trendy Scentsy Candle Designs in 2014

Trendy New Scentsy Products for 2014

By Mary Gregory | March 2, 2014

Here is an overview of some of the trendy new Scentsy candle warmers for Spring Summer 2014. They are all now available and can be purchased with me by shopping here or calling or texting directly at 661-210-7617. Also, see the latest trends in candles by viewing the Scentsy product…

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Host Scentsy Holiday Party to Save on Unique Gifts

Host a Holiday Scentsy Party to Save BIG On Holiday Gifts

By Mary Gregory | November 12, 2013

Host a holiday Scentsy party to save when buying holiday gifts. By hosting a party you can take advantage of your free rewards, buying thoughtful and unique gifts for your friends and family. When hosting a holiday Scentsy party you can easily earn free products and discounts while managing your…

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The Bella Maggiore Inn Smells Delicious With Scentsy Fragrances

By Mary Gregory | September 1, 2013

While my husband and I were enjoying our quick escape to old Ventura this weekend, we had the opportunity to make the Bella Maggiore smell delicious with Scentsy Fragrances! We just returned from our favorite spot in Ventura, the Bella Maggiore Inn. As usual, we had a wonderful time as…

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Consultant Reveals Best Deals on Scentsy

Consultant Reveals Best Deals on Scentsy

By Mary Gregory | August 1, 2013

Consultant Reveals BEST Deals on Scentsy Be sure to scroll down to see links and photos as this independent consultant reveals best deals on Scentsy available everyday of the year! As a Scentsy Independent Consultant it’s my duty to reveal the best deals Scentsy has to offer. Maybe you’ve heard,…

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Add Fragrance to Your Handbags

Add Some Fragrance To Handbags With Scentsy Scent-Paks

By Mary Gregory | July 6, 2013

Add some fragrance to your handbags with Scentsy Scent-paks! A Scent-pak is a cool little fabric type sack of scented pellets, kind of like a small bean bag. It’s small and easily fits in any type of bag, such as a gym bag, travel bag, purse, hockey bag, tote bag…

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Make your living space unique with flameless candles

Make Your Living Space Unique With Flameless Aromatic Fragrances

By Mary Gregory | June 22, 2013

How do you create that special touch and make your living space unique with flameless aromatic fragrances and scented candle wax? Take a read below and we will explain exactly how to achieve the special touch, safely and effectively. Most people enjoy spending time in a well designed space decorated…

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Hand Soap by Scentsy

Scented Hand Sanitizer Available in 27 Fragrances by Scentsy

By Mary Gregory | April 22, 2013

Wow, Scentsy Fragrance continues to amaze us all as they keep bringing us awesome products we all need and use! Now we have a moisturizing Hand Sanitizer that kills germs in just one spray – without drying your hands! Available in many different Authentic Scentsy fragrances, not only will our…

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