Host Scentsy Holiday Party to Save on Unique Gifts

Host a Holiday Scentsy Party to Save BIG On Holiday Gifts

Host a Holiday to Save on ScentsyHost a holiday Scentsy party to save when buying holiday gifts. By hosting a party you can take advantage of your free rewards, buying thoughtful and unique gifts for your friends and family. When hosting a holiday Scentsy party you can easily earn free products and discounts while managing your holiday gift budget at the same time! And let’s face it! Most of us love to shop at the Mall but all the holiday madness just sucks the fun right out of it!

Contact me, Mary Gregory and I will set you up with a basket or home party, or be your one stop candle shop so you can complete all your shopping in just a few minutes! Certainly, you can buy all your Scentsy here, but think about hosting a holiday party to save money and time. You don’t even need to have a traditional holiday party and and can help you avoid inviting guests to your home, and still have a party.

If you you can generate at least $200 in Scentsy orders, you get one half off item and 10% in product credit. The higher the amount of the order, the more half off items you get, and the higher the product credits. Hosting a holiday Scentsy party is a good way to save big on holiday gifts!

Also, you can avoid the Christmas shopping rush at the mall by working with me as I help you buy eight unique and thoughtful gifts for $200 or less! No kidding. No having a party either, unless you want to!

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to start thinking about buying gifts for our friends and families. Many of us are so crazy busy during the holidays, shopping is often left for the very last minute, and that’s the absolute worst time to get the job done! Also, fighting the crowds can easily suck the holiday spirit right out of us, and really takes away from the special time of the year.

Let’s do something different this year, avoid the crowds and contact Mary Gregory for all your Scentsy holiday gifts. She’s got just about everything one can hope for, with gifts that are affordable, stylish, trendy and thoughtful!

Mary GregoryMary is a long time Scentsy Independent Director and sells the popular Scentsy wickless candles, aromatic scented wax, and many other fragrance related products. We have scented personal care products such as perfumes, lotions, scented shower creams, gels, soaps, with fragrances, sure to please men, women and children. Also, don’t forget the laundry products that will take the sting out of doing the tedious chore of laundry, and your clothing will smell aromatic.

We look forward to helping you with your holiday Scentsy gifts and would also be happy to set you up to host a holiday Scentsy party to save big on holiday gifts. Contact us today at 661-210-7617.


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