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Mary Gregory 661-210-7617

Mary Gregory 661-210-7617

Aromatic Cleaning Products By Scentsy

Now you can make your countertops and dishes smell “Scentsy Clean” with our new aromatic cleaning products by Scentsy. Our customers are raving about the popular new aromatic cleaning products, called Scentsy Clean!

House Cleaning Products by Scentsy

If you love Scentsy’s amazing scented wax, oils and other home fragrances, you will also love the new line ofaromatic cleaning products by Scentsy.

We all know Scentsy makes the best scented wax and oil fragrances in the world, but now they’ve added some awesome cleaning products. Our customers are returning with great reviews!

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Three New Aromatic Cleaning Products

Basically, “Scentsy Clean” includes three new cleaning products, all available in a variety of your favorite Scentsy fragrances. There’s the popular new counter cleaner, the hand soap and the kitchen soap.

We’re using the aromatic counter cleaner for our granite tops and it’s working great! We’re also using the kitchen soap for the dishes and the floors. We also love the hand soap but you have to be careful the first time using it because it comes out a little fast. Here’s more information below:

More Information about Scentsy Clean

NEW Counter Clean – This all-purpose spray forms a clear barrier on sealed surfaces that repels dirt
with regular use. We’ve been using it on our granite counter tops and it’s doing a good job cleaning and smells amazing too:

  • The container holds 16 fl. oz. (473 mL).
  • It’s an Ammonia-free formula.
  • Food for use on all sealed surfaces, including granite, counters, and treated wood and bathroom fixtures.
    Continuous use makes cleaning easier over time.

Hand Soap – The perfect cleansing lather, in fragrances to match the rest of your kitchen cleaning products. I use the hand soap in my home child care and the kids love it! Now, all the parents are using it in their homes as well! The soaps smell so good the children are always asking if they can clean their hands! Haha!

  • The container size 12 oz. (354 mL).
  • Same great formula as the Layers by Scentsy Hand Soap, but with 50 percent more product!
  • Softens hands and kills germs.

NEW Kitchen Soap – We are using this when washing dishes by hand! Easily conquer your daily pile of dirty dishes with a mere swipe of the sponge, thanks to biodegradable enzymes that quickly dissolve dirt and food particles.

  • The container holds 16 fl. oz. (473 mL).
  • No left over filmy residue with the clean-rinsing formula.
  • The kitchen soap is sulfate and phosphate free.
  • Multi-purpose formula is great for degreasing grills and cleaning floors and other kitchen surfaces.

If you love Scentsy like we do, we promise you’ll love the new line of products. Leave it to Scentsy to continue expanding their product line and bring us better and more useful products for our homes!

Join Scentsy and Become an Independent Consultant

This is just one of the reasons I love being a Scentsy Independent Consultant! Scentsy continues providing me with amazing new products and it makes selling Scentsy fun and easy. It’s not hard to sell because my customers love the products as much as I do. Join Scentsy today or contact me to learn more!

You can also see our recent post about 11 reasons to join Scentsy!

Oh, BTW, if you need replace light bulbs for your warmers, we have them right here!

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