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Scentsy Hockey Themed Warmers are Here!

Scentsy Hockey Warmers
SCORE! New Hockey Warmers are HERE! We are pleased to announce we have new professional themed hockey warmers are now available to order here!

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Here in 2022 hockey fans can purchase hockey warmers for their favorite professional teams. We have the popular mini warmers, making it easy to plug them directly into any wall outlet. We also have the more traditional tabletop warmers. We recently purchased 3 of the new mini warmers, one for each of our son’s. If you or a family member is a hockey fan, these warmers are perfect!

Scentsy Slapshot Candle Warmer
Original “Slapshot”

The Original SlapShot Warmer: We were so disappointed when Scentsy discontinued the Slapshot warmer. Even though it took a while, they now have the new hockey themed warmers and they are more popular than EVER. After all, they have had football, baseball and all sorts of other themed warmers, but no hockey! As a long time hockey mom, I’m so happy with this.

We were originally going to delete this post but always hoped for a new hockey product to come along and we were right! We should have known! Whenever Scentsy discontinues a popular product, they almost always come back with something better and they did so once again.

Regardless, if you were hoping to buy Slapshot as a gift, now you can buy one these new warmers to match your favorite team. Sure, we have plenty of nice candle warmers and we do have Disney themed warmers, but if you’re a hockey fan, this is perfect!

Update 2017: The original SlapShot warmer was longer available. It was originally released back in 2013 and was quite popular at the time. We still have many more popular candle warmers which are appealing to everyone. Our warmers make for a thoughtful gift and perfect for all occasions.

Important Update 8/3/14: We were disappointed to announce, this Slapshot Warmer would no longer be available as of September 1, 2014. If it isn’t completely sold out, it will likely be in the closeouts, but there’s never any guarantee. If you like this Slapshot Warmer we suggest buying one before September 1st. If you are looking at this post after 9/1/14, we suggest contacting us or looking in the Scentsy Close Out section of our shopping website.

Original Announcement Post for Slapshot

With the Stanley Cup Finals going full speed, this Scentsy SlapShot candle warmer is the perfect gift for our hockey loving friends and family members. Also, what a great gift for the coach! Not only does it make for a great home or office decoration, it makes the environment of any room both fragrant and aromatic, when Scentsy scented wax is added to the dish. Contact Scentsy Independent Director Mary Gregory to place your order today. 661-210-7617 or [email protected]

It’s Not Hockey, But How About Choosing from Our Pro Baseball Hats?

We also have a collection of football helmets and campus themed mini warmers. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to take your order!

Call or Text Mary Gregory at 661-210-7617

More About Slapshot!

Like many of our original warmers, the Scentsy Slapshot Candle Warmer was made of ceramic. The color is kind of a light gray, the color of ice! When powered on, the warmer illuminates, enhancing the little hockey themed frame on the front. With the 2014 Stanley Cup Finals in full swing, Slapshot very popular among our hockey loving friends and family. In fact, we had a local youth hockey team purchase the Slapshot warmers as the end of the season coaches gifts. One item to note is, apparently I, Mary’s husband Pete, previously misunderstood, and the hockey player frame does not interchange with with the other Gallery Frames. The Slapshot warmer is a stand alone warmer.  Scentsy offers great Gallery Warmer products and they are now so versatile since they can be easily converted to another theme by changing the frame. The Slapshot Warmer, is no longer available but have a look at some other amazing wickless candle warmers!

We hope all our hockey fan visitors enjoyed learning of, the Scentsy Slapshot Warmer is the Perfect Gift for Hockey Fans everywhere, especially during the Stanley Cup Finals!


  1. Terra Judge on May 27, 2020 at 1:19 pm

    Hi! I have the Slap shot warmer & love it. However my glass dish that holds the wax broke. Is there something equivalent to warmng dish that I could get, that is similar in size?\
    Thank you for your time, Terra

    • Pete Gregory on May 28, 2020 at 10:12 am

      Yep, as a hockey family we aalso love our Slapshot warmer. Although there may be something available that MIGHT work, we just cannot recommend anything. If that specific replacement dish is not available in the store, there is no reasonable way to make an accurate selection for a replacement that might work.

    • Donna on July 17, 2020 at 8:16 pm

      There were at least 5 warmers of this same design, Flint, Angler, Riga, Shale, and Slapshot. I have the Shale warmer and am also looking for a top. the dishes are identical except for color. Hopefully this helps.

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