Scentsy Wax Melts

Scentsy Bars for Your Traditional Warmers

Choose authentic Scentsy wax melts and bars to go with your warmers to make your home or office smell aromatically delicious! Based on our customer's purchase history, absolutely no one makes scented candle wax better than Scentsy! How do we know? Because for years our customers have been returning again and again to buy more and more Scentsy Bars.

See below an array of scented wax melts we call Scentsy Bars and please feel free to call or text us with your questions.

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Buy Scentsy Wax Melts Available in Over 80 Scents

We have over 80 different scented wax fragrances always available and there really is something for everyone. We have wax melts for made especially for men, kids or mom and the fragrances range from floral, fruits, desserts, tropical, fresh, clean and many more. Be careful though, because once you try our authentic Scentsy scented wax you’ll never be happy with any other brand. To put it simply, no one does scented wax fragrances better Scentsy!

Scentsy Wax Melts Packaging & Care

Scentsy wax melts are packaged in an attractive hard plastic container known as a Scentsy Bar! Each Scentsy bar contains eight small cubes of wax bursting with aromatic fragrance. The packages have different colors and those colors somewhat represent the scent type inside. It’s not perfect, but we like the packaging quite a lot. Also, it’s important to keep your Scentsy bars out of the heat and/or direct sunlight. The wax melts gently which is great because you can actually dip your finger into the melted wax without risking burns. The authentic Scentsy wax has been engineered to work perfectly with our Scentsy warmers. Using both products together insures the absolute best home fragrances in the world!

Fragrances Activate Our Senses

Fragrance is about so much more than making your home or office smell great. Scents can actually fill our hearts because they trigger our senses to recall long forgotten memories and enable us to revisit powerful emotions. Fragrance connects us to our emotions, memories and each other

With all the many fragrances, you can combine Scentsy bar cubes into multiple fragrances to create your own blend, or increase the fragrance intensity by adding more cubes. Then, when you compare to candle jars of similar quality, they are a great value!

More About Scentsy Fragrances

Our Scentsy wax melts or “Scentsy Bars” are made from a custom, high-quality paraffin wax blend engineered to provide long-lasting fragrance and chosen for its scent-loading ability, melting point and firmness.

  • Our Scentsy scented wax melts are created only by Scentsy and right here in the U.S.
  • Designed by highly regarded and well known perfumers and fragrance designers.
  • Our scented wax fragrances are long-lasting and customizable.
  • We have multiple fragrance collections, including scents made specifically for kids.

When choosing your Scentsy wax melts you’ll see we have scents to suit your moods, interior decoration and taste.

Scented Wax Fragrance Research

One of the primary reasons we’re able to sell some of the finest scented wax available in the world is because Scentsy does their homework! We actually visited the fragrance research facility located just outside of New York City and met with the perfumers responsible for making our Scentsy wax melts smell so special. Did you know, there are only a little over 300 perfumers in the entire world? This is true, and at least one or two of those perfumers work exclusively on all our aromatic fragrances.

Based on our own experience, the knock off scented wax available at your local department store doesn’t compare and it’s obvious when you try their scented wax melts and compare to our Scentsy Bars!