Baked Apple Pie


That’s right… this Scentsy scented wax is called Baked Apple Pie and that’s exactly what it smells like, fresh out of the oven just like grandma used to make. Place an order for this 2.6 oz package with 8 cubes of wax.

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Our friends have visited our home, smelled this baked apple pie scented wax and honestly thought I had just taken a pie from the oven. It smells so real I have a hard time wrapping my head around how it’s done! I know it takes some creative science to make fragrances like this, but it really is amazing!

As a Scentsy consultant I once earned an all expense paid week in NYC for me and my husband. While there we toured one of the facilities that create the Scentsy fragrances and the scientists explained the processes used, but I’m still so impressed with the end result. It’s not just this baked apple pie scent. Thinking about all the other fragrances, it really is very impressive.