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If you're children do not have a cute little Scentsy Buddy stuffed animal they are really missing out! If you're unfamiliar with Scentsy buddies you might think it's just another stuffed animal, but they are really so much more! Each authentic Scentsy Buddy comes with a child safe scent-pak which is placed in a small hidden pouch. Available in a large variety of fragrances, you will love the smell. On the other hand, it's likely your child will love their buddy, with or without the fragrance.

Available for a Limited Time Only! Products displayed below are subject to change.

Valley the Sheep Scentsy Buddy

Disney Pua - Scentsy Buddy

Disney Mickey Mouse Classic – Scentsy Buddy

Disney Hei Hei – Scentsy Buddy

Havi the Hedgehog

Llana the Llama

Vega the Unicorn

Limited Availability of Scentsy Buddies

NOTE: The buddies displayed above reflect examples of what may be currently available. You'll find plenty of choices, but may not be able to purchase the exact buddy as displayed above.

Scentsy Buddies are typically available in a variety of types, mostly popular among children. In fact, any of our Scentsy buddies make for the perfect gift for a child.

First, we have our traditional Scentsy buddies. Then we have the Buddy Clips which are extremely popular for grade school children, in part because they can clip the little buddy to their back packs.

Next, we used to have the Scentsy Sidekicks but these are no longer available, at least for now. These were a bit different in that they could attach themselves to car seats, strollers or wherever. Scentsy was also offering Blankie Buddies but those have also been discontinued. Regardless, the buddies are all super cute and perfect for toddlers.

Scent-Paks for Scentsy Buddies

Don't forget your Scent-Paks! Each traditional Scentsy Buddy comes with a Scent-Pak in a fragrance of your choice. There's a small hidden zipper pouch and it's super easy to replace the old scent-pak with a new one. Each pack last a good couple months or longer at which time you can buy replacements right here!

The Scentsy buddies for kids come with a long lasting scent built in and there are no replacements. This includes Buddy Clips which are filled with scented beads. Then we have little Sidekicks for babies which include teething rings and a built in Newborn Nursery scent.

Scent-Pak Replacement

Scentsy Buddy History

The Original Scentsy Buddies
Scentsy Animals for Kids

Scentsy offered the first Scentsy Buddy around 2012 and customers had their choice of about a half dozen of the cute little guys.

The list of buddies below were available a short while and I can tell you, they were way more popular than anyone anticipated. The problem was, they become so popular they kept selling out! Regardless, the buddies are certainly a favorite Scentsy product for both kids and adults!

In the past Scentsy has even offered BOGO deals enabling our customers to buy a Scentsy buddy and a second one for FREE! Pooki the Polar Bear and the Baby Buddies were not included in this offer but customers were able to choose any of the following popular Buddies:

  • Lenny the Lamb
  • Penny the Pig
  • Roarbert the Lion
  • Ribbert the Frog
  • Ollie the Elephant
  • Patch the Dog (Pete's Favorite)
  • Scratch the Cat
  • Barnabus the Bear
  • Wellington the Duck - Sold out so FAST it could make your head spin!

Scentsy Buddy History - Forest Collection from 2013

The Scentsy Buddy became a big selling for all of us and as a result, Scentsy released another cute little Forest Collection around July of 2013.

Scentsy Buddies First Introduced at 2012 Vegas Convention

The first Scentsy Buddy was introduced as a group of buddies back in 2012 at the Las Vegas convention.  There was a super fun video that was Scentsy's creative way of introducing the buddies and for the consultants, it was love at first sight!

Remember, none of the original Scentsy Buddies are currently available, but I wouldn't be surprised if someday they will be collectors items!