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Use Scentsy to Make Your Home Look as Good as it Smells

You may already use our authentic Scentsy fragrances to scent the air in your home, but did you know you can clean with Scentsy too? Yep, have a look below at at our scented cleaning products, all of which are using the signature Scentsy fragrances. Choose from a variety of products including the scented dish soap, concentrated multipurpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, counter cleaner and more.

If you like Scentsy, you'll love the cleaning products. If you have not cleaned with Scentsy before, we suggest giving the all purpose cleaner a try first. The dish soap is a good start as well but you get the most bang for your buck using the cleaner concentrate. Once you see how that works, you'll very likely want to try the others.

Scroll down to browse, learn more, and enjoy. Remember, should you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.

Scentsy Independent Consultant Mary Gregory

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Top Performing Scented Cleaning Products By Scentsy

We have a good number of customers now using our new Scentsy cleaning products in their homes and most speak very highly and often recommend them to others. As expected, the cleaning products do a good job fighting dust, dirt and grime but what makes them special is, they are all scented using our Scentsy signature fragrances.

You can now use Scentsy to wash your dishes, clean your floors, walls, counters, bathrooms and just about every surface inside any home. If you want to make your home to look and smell amazing, try Scentsy today!

List of Scented Cleaning Products

See below the following list of Scentsy cleaning products now available.

What About Chemicals?
All Scentsy cleaning products are free of phosphates, dyes, ammonia, chlorine and bleach. Before buying any cleaning product you will see we provide the ingredients of each product separately. As you can imagine, each product will vary slightly due to the different fragrances for each.

Our Experience With Scentsy

As a Scentsy consultant, my entire family uses Scentsy in all or our homes, cars and offices. We use the scented wax in our candle warmers, scented oils in our diffusers, scented washing detergent in our washing machines, dryer disks in our dryers and the list goes on. Yep, all the kids have Scentsy buddies, we use scented bath soak in the tub and on and on and on.

It’s no different with the Scentsy cleaning products. Now we’re washing dishes with Scentsy, cleaning our floors, counters and bathrooms. We even use Scentsy to clean our cars and then add scent circles to keep them smelling fresh and clean.

In all this time, using all these amazing products, we have always had wonderful experiences while making lovely memories. Our sense of smell continues to remind us of days gone and providing inspiration towards the future.

Should you have any questions please call or text Scentsy Independent Consultant Mary Gregory at 661-210-7617.