Scentsy Replacement Plugs

If it’s time to order a Scentsy replacement plug for your nightlight warmer it’s very important to determine exactly which electrical base is needed or it’s NOT going to work. There are actually two different types of small nightlight warmers and of course, two different electrical bases as well. Also, your Scentsy replacement plug won’t work on other similar nightlight warmers that are NOT made by Scentsy! Have a look at the photos, watch the video and read below, before placing your order. Once you’re absolutely sure which one you need, you are all set to buy your replacement plug.

What’s the Difference Between Replacement Plugs

Plugs for Ceramic Mini Warmers or Mini Warmers
This is the replacement plug for the Scentsy ceramic or porcelain warmer. Notice, it has a half twist type connection with two tabs which align with the two notches on your nightlight warmer. See the video for further instructions. BTW, it’s quite rare that you’ll ever need a replacement plug, but we do have them just in case.

Plugs for Glass Night Lights or Mini Warmers
This is a replacement plug for the Scentsy glass nightlight warmer. It also works with the college mini-warmers. There’s a threaded connection & screws into your warmer. See the video for further instructions. BTW, it’s also rare that you’ll ever need a replacement plug like this.

Video Explains Replacement Plugs AND Tabletop Conversions

When is a Replacement Plug Needed?

It’s very rare that your replacement plug will need to be replaced, but it does happen. If your warmer has quit working and you are absolutely sure it’s NOT the bulb, they try replacing the plug. The night light replacement plug is the part of your nightlight that plugs into any standard home electrical outlet. Again, be sure to get the right plug for your night light type.

Scentsy Replacement Plug Basic Instructions

The basic instructions for replacing your authentic Scentsy night light plug are as follows:

  • Determine your night light mini warmer type, glass or ceramic. See the video above for clarification.
  • Order and receive your new Scentsy replacement plug
  • Depending on your warmer type, remove the old plug by either twisting or un-screwing your old plug base
  • Screw in a new authentic Scentsy 15 watt bulb into the new plug base. It’s a good idea to use a new bulb with your new base
  • Again, depending on the plug base type, attach your new plug by screwing it in or twisting.
  • That’s it! Plug your night light directly into the wall outlet, add the scented wax and turn it on


Swapping out Scentsy replacement plugs are generally self explanatory, but most customers are unaware about the two different types of bases. We know how frustrating it is to place an order and then receive the wrong product. We hope this helps.