Scentsy Fan Diffusers

Scent Fan Diffusers Fragrance Delivery Systems

Our new authentic Scent Fan Diffusers offer a neater and cleaner way to enjoy your favorite fragrances. No wax to warm or clean, our new fan diffusers use the popular Scent Pods, just like our Scentsy Go warmers.

Plugs Into Any USB Port

Scentsy Mini Fan Diffuser Plugged into-MacBook Pro

Overview of Scentsy Scent Fan Diffusers

Scentsy now carries a variety cute fan diffusers, a new fragrance delivery system that operates different than the traditional wax candle warmers.

The Scentsy Fan Diffusers do not use or warm scented wax! Instead, they use Scent Pods, providing a neater and cleaner way to enjoy your favorite fragrances in your home, office, car or just about anywhere!

So far, Scentsy offers 2 different types of fan diffusers as follows:

  • Scentsy Wall Fan Diffuser: Requires AC power and plugs directly into any wall outlet. The wall fan diffusers use Scent Pods to distribute the fragrances throughout the space.
  • Scentsy Mini Fan Diffusers:The Mini Fan Diffusers are intended to be placed on table top or any flat surface, but do NOT require an electrical outlet. Instead, just plug it into any USB connection in order to turn it on and operate it. The Mini Fan Diffusers also use the same Scent Pods

Are Scentsy Cordless Warmers Similar to Fan Diffusers? Yes somewhat. Even though the cordless warmers also use a fan to push out the fragrances, the fan is variable speed and more advanced than the fans used in the other diffusers. The cordless units also include LED lighting effects and a few other features. The cordless units use the same scent pods as the wall fan and mini fan diffusers.

If you love unique and aromatic fragrances but don't like adding or removing melted wax, our Scentsy diffuser fans are perfect! No muss and no fuss and your home or office will smell terrific. Try our diffuser fans today!