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Mary Gregory 661-210-7617

Cordless Warmers

Finally, Scentsy now offers cordless warmers called Scentsy Go! Why are they called Go? Well, that's because you can easily take them with you while your on the go. They are small, compact, cordless warmers that are powered by batteries and you don't need to plug them in!

Don't be fooled by the images! These new cordless candle warmers are very small! Buy your new Scentsy cordless warmer and place it anywhere in your home or office with now need for an electrical outlet.

Wraps Now Available for Our Cordless Warmers!

scentsy cordless warmer wraps
Small Cordless candle warmer with purse contents
Scentsy Cordless Warmer Diagram

Discover Our New Scentsy Cordless Warmers

To start out there are just two different cordless warmers available, but they come with adjustable LED lighting enabling adjustments to create different illuminations in a variety of colors. Now, the ONLY difference between the warmers are the vertical band running down the middle of the warmer. The Rose Gold warmer has a rose gold band and the Silver warmer has a, you guessed it, a silver band!

You Control the Fragrance Output

Similar to our oil diffusers, the new Scentsy cordless candle warmers enable users to take control of the strength of the fragrance being delivered. What a deal!

Over the years, I can’t tell you how many questions I’ve had stating how some traditional scented wax was too strong, or not strong enough. Now, with the new Scentsy Go cordless warmers if the fragrance smells too strong, just turn it down! If it’s not strong enough, turn it up! Heck, it’s kind of like down the volume on the TV or the thermostat on for your air. I love this feature and I’m sure you will too.

Cordless Warmers Use Scented Pods, not Traditional Scentsy Bars

The Scentsy cordless warmers use scented pods and they are available in many different traditional aromatic scents. You can bet, there will be more, but to start with there are 15 of the most popular fragrances now available.