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If you like scented candles, you'll love Scentsy! We provide a full line of scented wax, oils, and fragrance delivery systems. Our products are perfect for your home, skin, car, clothes and more. Using authentic Scentsy products your family and your home will look and smell amazing. A much safer alternative to open flame candles, our candle warmers combined with authentic Scentsy scented wax fragrances will make you, your home, laundry and your entire family smell aromatically delicious!

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First, you may shop Scentsy online here by having a look at our shop page. Click or tap any buy now or place an order button and you are all set! Be sure to keep an eye on the website notices for links where you can save on Scentsy 24/7/365

Scentsy Independent Consultant Mary Gregory

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I really do enjoy being a Scentsy Independent Consultant but what I love the most is HELPING YOU FIND THE BEST DEALS AND SAVE!

Call or Text Mary: 661-210-7617

Make Your Family, Car and Home Smell Aromatically Delicious!

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If so, you may contact me directly to schedule a time to meet up and sample our fragrances. I usually keep a small stock of warmers and fragrances to share and sell to my local customers. I understand, unless you are familiar with the many Scentsy fragrances, it can be difficult to make a selection when buying.

Rustic Little Church Warmer

Authentic Scentsy Rustic “Little Church” warmer. It’s super cute, with a metal roof and a soft glow coming out the windows. Takes a 20 watt bulb!

Midnight Floral Mini Warmer

Authentic Scentsy mini warmer called “Midnight Floral”. Bright and colorful!

Country Styled Canister Warmer

This new Scentsy Canister warmer is perfect for any country or ranch themed home or office. There’s even a chalk board for your inspirational notes, quotes or messages. Comes with a piece of chalk and cute little holder.

Zen Rock Warmer

Authentic Scentsy Zen Rock Element Warmer. No lightbulb needed.

Dreamcatcher Warmer

This impressive new Scentsy Dreamcatchers warmer is finely detailed! The silk printed feathers, or talisman, appear to be etched on top of a light colored ceramic finish. Very detailed and looks amazing.

Pretty Paradise Warmer

Traditional Scentsy wax warmer called Pretty Paradise and the name fits the look. It really is quite pretty with lovely blooming pink flowers overlaid on top of a cream colored background.

Comes with a 25 Watt Bulb

Bubbled Ultraviolet Warmer

Just beautiful! Authentic Scentsy Bubbled Ultraviolet candle warmer with an iridescent finish and looks stunning, especially when turned on.
Comes with 1, 25 Watt Light Bulb.

Mosaic Warmer – Mended

Authentic Scentsy warmer with a real mosaic finish is lovely and a terrific addition to the Scentsy warmer products.
Comes with 25 Watt Bulb.

Moo Cow Warmer

If you live out in the country on a ranch, farm or have a country themed home, you’ll love this cute Deja Moo Element Warmer. Yep, it’s an authentic Scentsy fragrance delivery system so you can’t go wrong.

Pug Dog Warmer

Authentic Scentsy, super cute little Pug dog warmer. This is an element warmer so there is no light bulb.

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