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Mary Gregory 661-210-7617

Mary Gregory 661-210-7617

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If you like scented candles, you'll love Scentsy! We provide a full line of scented wax, oils, and fragrance delivery systems. Our products are perfect for your home, skin, car, clothes and more. Using authentic Scentsy products your family and your home will look and smell amazing. A much safer alternative to open flame candles, our candle warmers combined with authentic Scentsy scented wax fragrances will make you, your home, laundry and your entire family smell aromatically delicious!

How to Buy Scentsy With Mary Gregory?

First, you may shop Scentsy online here by having a look at our shop page. Click or tap any buy now or place an order button and you are all set!

Are You Located in the Santa Clarita Vicinity?
If so, you may contact me directly to schedule a time to meet up and sample our fragrances. I usually keep a small stock of warmers and fragrances to share and sell to my local customers. I understand, unless you are familiar with the many Scentsy fragrances, it can be difficult to make a selection when buying.

Scentsy Independent Consultant Mary Gregory

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Classic Curve Gloss Gray

This is an authentic Scentsy, Classic Curve Gloss Gray Warmer. Based on the original Scentsy designs, this gloss gray finish looks amazing. Even better, it’s just $30! In our opinion, it’s the very best candle warmer value Scentsy has to offer.

Classic Curve Gloss Navy

Place your order to buy this authentic Scentsy Classic Curve Warmer with a Navy Gloss finish. GREAT PRICE!

Black Forest Warmer

Order this authentic and unique, Scentsy Black Forest warmer.

Lemonade Pitcher

Authentic Lemonade Pitcher Warmer by Scentsy is now in clearance. Available at MORE than 50% OFF, this one will NOT last! Once they are gone, they won’t be back!

Well… the dog days of our 2019 summer were amazing and this new Lemonade Pitcher warmer was perfect! Unfortunately, unless you had this great warmer not come with cold lemonade, but it will still brighten up your home or office and we’re sure we have some Scentsy scented wax fragrances, perfect for hot weather.

Globe – Around the World

This Scentsy Globe warmer is now in clearance and available at 50% OFF, but only while they last!

The Globe warmer is actually called, “Around the World.” it’s unique, classy and beautifully made. The warmer includes a real, detailed world map and is quite dignified looking. A terrific gift for any office, classroom or perhaps a reading room in your home.

Love, Laughter and Coffee

Authentic Scentsy Element Warmer called Love, Laughter and Coffee is NOW IN CLEARANCE, but only while they last! It’s very creative warmer with a coffee cup and saucer along with the words, This house runs on love, laughter and coffee.

Solitude Candle Warmer

Absolutely beautiful vintage styled candle warmer by Scentsy is SOLD OUT. See more great Scentsy clearance deals!


Resembles an old lantern and when it’s turned on it produces a beautiful illumination, like snow flakes.

Porch Pumpkin Scentsy Bar

Regardless of what the season is, there’s nothing like that special pumpkin fragrance, even if it’s not Fall!

Deep Blue Sea – Shade Only

This Deep Blue Sea Diffuser Shade is now in Clearance! It is only intended to be interchangeable with the Scentsy Once Upon a Time Diffuser.

Available for a limited time until supplies last!

Hello Spring Warmer

SOLD OUT See more in Clearance
In Clearance and only available while supplies last! Cute warmer with a watercolor finish.

Video - Scentsy Home Fragrances

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