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If you like scented candles, you'll love Scentsy! We provide a full line of home fragrance products, perfect for your home, skin, car and clothes and more. Using authentic Scentsy products your family and your home will look and smell amazing. A much safer alternative to open flame candles, our candle warmers combined with authentic Scentsy scented wax fragrances will make you, your home, laundry and your entire family smell aromatically delicious!

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Holly Berry Cinnamon

This Holly Berry Cinnamon wax melt by Scentsy is perfect for the winter months. Especially good if you live in an area with a hotter climate and don’t get to experience the fragrances associated with a snowy winter. It’s made with an ambrosial base, mixed with a touch of of clove leaf, cassis, and some juniper berry.

Star Dance Warmer

Our Star Dance warmer is unique featuring a bronze film finish with some very cool lighting effects resulting in a futuristic 3D look with twinkling lights, kind of like stars!

Country Light Lampshade

Extremely popular, our Country Light Lampshade warmer is beautifully crafted, made of thick glass panes, giving it that bohemian look and feel. Uses the Edison 40 watt lightbulb.

Go Silver Cordless

The only difference between this Scentsy silver cordless warmer and the other Scentsy Gold unit is the color of the vertical band running down the middle of the warmer container. Pay no attention to the yellow background color because you will have 7 different background colors, rotating or set to one color.

Use the new and authentic Scentsy Pods, SOLD SEPARATELY!



Authentic Scentsy Hope night light warmer is made of porcelain and trimmed with lace detail. The word “Hope” says it all and is written using a beautiful cursive font style. Also, at night the warmer softly illuminates the room.

Adorn Mini Warmer – Night Light

This Adorn mini warmer has a polished gold finish along with the sketches on top makes it look like it’s worth a lot more than 20 bucks! Buy it today, while supplies last!

By the Sea

Our By the Sea Scentsy Bar reminds us of trips to the beach when we first roll down the window and smell the scent of ocean & seaside grass.

6 Scent Paks

It’s like getting one Scent Pak Free! If purchased separately you would spend $7 each totalling $42. When you combine and save it will only cost $35. That’s a pretty good savings!

Calavera Premium Warmer

Our authentic Scentsy Calavera candle warmer is finely detailed and a unique representation of a human skull often seen in religious celebrations and Mexican art. Calavera is not only interesting but quite the trend!

French Lavender

Perhaps one of our top five most ordered Scentsy bars, the french lavender wax melt is the perfect choice for almost any occasion. Buy your French Lavender wax melt today!

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