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If you like scented candles, you'll love Scentsy! We provide a full line of home fragrance products, perfect for your home, skin, car and clothes and more. Using authentic Scentsy products your family and your home will look and smell amazing. A much safer alternative to open flame candles, our candle warmers combined with authentic Scentsy scented wax fragrances will make you, your home, laundry and your entire family smell aromatically delicious!

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Cowboy Boots Warmer

The Scentsy cowboy boots warmer is actually called “Rodeo!” It was introduced as the August 2017 warmer of the Month. Available during the promotional month at 10% off!

Whoot Owl Night Light

Our Scentsy customers love this authentic Whoot Owl Night Light warmer. She’s also has an older brother, the premium version table top type warmer and it’s a perfect match.  One of the most popular warmers ever and displays nicely as it glows in the dark.

Black Raspberry Vanilla

Breathe deeply as soothing eucalyptus, zesty lemon, and a medley of mints comfort and rejuvenate. Perfect for creating a spa type mood. Very clean scent

Vanillamint Scentsy Bar

Vanillamint was the very first scent of the month for 2018 and has received positive feedback from our customers. Basically, it's a Scentsy Bar created using a unique mix windergreen, vanilla and frozen citrus.

Cinnamon Vanilla

If you like the cinnamon and vanilla fragrances, you’ll love this cinnamon vanilla scented wax melt. Although every nose is different, this scented wax has been a long time favorite for a number of our customers. Enjoy!

Aloha Citrus

Yeah… if you’re choosing a fragrance for the very first time, it can be difficult to know what a new fragrance smells like. This one smells like tangerine, jade blossom and vetiver.

Pristine Waters

This Scentsy Pristine Waters Wax Melt Scentsy Bar will remind you of a day at the beach on the first day of summer!

Amber Fluted

Our Amber Fluted Shade Warmer works it's magic at night or in low light rooms, illuminating your room with an amber and bronze glow.

Chasing Fireflies

This authentic Scentsy warmer is called “Chasing Fireflies.” It's a premium sized warmer and perhaps one of the most popular and best selling candle warmers Scentsy has ever put on the market.

Bon Voyage

This super cute Bon Voyage warmer will remind you to start packing and prepare for your annual summer vacation!

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