Buy Eight Quality Christmas Gifts For Under $250

Buy 8 Scentsy Gifts in Santa Clarita for 250

Back in 2012 we published this post stating you could buy eight quality Christmas gifts for under $200! 10 years later, we can still do that, but the gift quality level would have to drop a bit, so it’s up to you. I suggest spending $250 to get eight thoughtful, unique gifts & make the $250 budget.

Here’s just one example of how you could purchase the 8 gifts. Sure, there are more options to mix the various products, but you’ll need to contact us for a discussion,

  • Total $74 – Perfect Scentsy $25 Bundle = 2 Mini Warmers and 6 Scentsy Bars. (2 Gifts)
  • Total $81 – Perfect Scentsy $30 Bundle = 2 smaller table top warmers and 6 Scentsy Bars (2 Gifts)
  • Total $45 – 3 Fragrance Flowers $45 Bundle = (3 Small But Thoughtful Gifts)
  • Total $50 – 2 Mini Fan Diffusers and 2 Scent Pod Twin Paks. (2 very unique gifts)

The above eight gifts total $250, plus tax and shipping.

You can also find some terrific gifts now on sale in clearance. Remember, the products in clearance are only available while they last, so if you want to buy it’s best to do so quickly.

Sure, we could still hit the old $200 mark but the gifts wouldn’t be quite so nice. If you want, you can get more for your money by hosting a catalog party. You would be the only customer. Once you reach $200 you can begin to take advantage of product credits and 1/2 off rewards.

There are other ways to achieve the savings without doing a party, but you’ll need to contact me and we’ll put our heads together to take full advantage of all the deals and buy eight quality Christmas gifts within our budget.

Conveniently Buying the Eight Quality Christmas Gifts

I’m Mary Gregory and I’m a Scentsy Independent Consultant/Director. You don’t have to do anything special! No hosting a party, but you still get to take advantage of the special host or hostess rewards! I’ll sign you up as a host, help you choose your wonderful Scentsy flameless candle gifts and I’ll place the order. All you have to do is choose the Scentsy candle gifts, pay for the products and receive the gifts! Here’s just one way to achieve a goal of eight gifts for under $200.00*.

In order to round up your gifts it will be much easier for you working with me directly to get this order done.

Avoid the Rush and the Mall

So…… stay out of the cold, no rushing around, no parking, no shopping center visits, no long check out lines! Sit back , relax, give me a call and let’s get started. You’ll be done with your holiday shopping in just a few short minutes! Also, keep in mind, each season Scentsy comes out with the most amazing and creative collection of holiday warmers you could imagine. The thing is, you need to be sure to order before it’s too late and the really popular warmers do not last.

Remember, there’s nothing quite like giving the gift of Scentsy during the holidays. Even today, absolutely no one makes warmers and fragrances better than Scentsy. In fact, from what we see, no one even comes close!

Be sure to see the latest catalog! It’s full of reasonably priced, unique and thoughtful gifts!