Buy 8 Quality Gifts for Under $200

Buy Eight Quality Christmas Gifts For Under $200.00

I can help you buy eight quality Christmas gifts for under $200.00! Think you can get eight thoughtful, unique gifts & keep the $200 budget? How would you like to do so without even visiting the nearest Mall. You can, and I can help! In fact, the best way to do this is to host a basket party and take advantage of your free rewards to keep the price where it needs to be. There are other ways to achieve the savings without doing a party but you’ll need to contact me and we’ll put our heads together to take full advantage of all the deals and buy eight quality Christmas gifts within our budget.

Buy 8 Quality Gifts for Under $200

I’m Mary Gregory and I’m a Scentsy Independent Consultant/Director. You don’t have to do anything special! No hosting a party, but you still get to take advantage of the special host or hostess rewards! I’ll sign you up as a host, help you choose your wonderful Scentsy flameless candle gifts and I’ll place the order. All you have to do is choose the Scentsyt candle gifts, pay for the products and receive the gifts! Here’s just one way to achieve a goal of eight gifts for under $200.00*.

In order to round up your gifts it will be much easier for you working with me directly to get this order done.

*UPDATE: If you’re looking at this page in 2017 or later, I can still help you with this, but the prices shown on the page may have changed very slightly. A qualifying party order is now a minimum of $200, so we’ll have to up the order a tiny bit. I know I can still help you round up 8 quality authentic Scentsy gifts at right about $200!

Remember, there’s nothing quite like giving the gift of Scentsy during the holidays. Even today, absolutely no one makes warmers and fragrances better than Scentsy. In fact, from what we see out there, no one even comes close!

Example of One Way to Buy Eight Quality Christmas Gifts

Scentsy’s Mid Size Warmer system = 2 warmers, 6 Scentsy Bars @ $68 ($12 savings)

Add 4 more Mid Size Warmers @ $25 ea = $100 = You’ve reached $168 Party Level!

Get another warmer w/$16.80 in FREE Host Rewards for only $8.20 more….And,

Another Mid Size Warmer Bundle w/ 3 bars @ your Host 1/2 price item @ $19.50. Total: 8 Warmers, 9 Bars (one for you!) for $195.70, plus tax. Perfect!

Avoid the Rush and the Mall

So…… stay out of the cold, no rushing around, no parking, no shopping center visits, no long check out lines! Sit back , relax, give me a call and let’s get started. You’ll be done with your holiday shopping in just a few short minutes! Also, keep in mind, each season Scentsy comes out with the most amazing and creative collection of holiday warmers you could imagine. The thing is, you need to be sure to order before it’s too late and the really popular warmers do not last.

Be sure to see the latest catalog! It’s full of reasonably priced, unique and thoughtful gifts!

Contact Mary today and we’ll get your order started!
[email protected]

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