6 Scentsy Bar Deal

Scentsy 6 Scentsy Bars Deal

Product Brief Description

Yes, in case you’re wondering, for the first time ever the Scentsy bar price increased to $6 each and the bundle option increased from $25 to $30. Thankfully, when you bundle and buy 6 Scentsy bars it’s still like getting one FREE! Choose your own fragrances by building multi-pak option on the Combine & Save Page. If you bought six Scentsy bars separately you’d pay $36 but when you use our Scentsy bundle deal, it’s just $30!

IMPORTANT NOTE: See the video below explaining exactly how to correctly build the bundle to you save on Scentsy Bars.

Additional Product Information

Important Note: Keep in mind, you must be sure you are on the Build a Multi-Pak page in order to properly place the order. See the video below.

Instructional Video – How to Correctly Place a 6 Scentsy Bar Multi-Pak Order

Here’s the correct link again, just in case!
Start Here to build a 6 Scentsy Bar Multi-Pak