Scentsy Night Light Warmers

Scenty Night Lights OR Mini Warmers

As a Scentsy Independent Consultant since 2008, I've sold more night light warmers (mini warmers) than any other warmer in the Scentsy product line. Why? Because they are super cute and a terrific gift idea. Most are priced at just $25 each and if you purchased one with a light bulb, you get a night light and candle warmer all in one! There's no flame, no soot, no smoke and Scentsy makes some of the most creative designed fragrance delivery systems in the world. Where else can you get a unique, popular and thoughtful gift for just 25 bucks?

All night light warmers displayed below are 100% authentic Scentsy products. Have a look at some of the mini warmers or click the button at the bottom to see all our night light warmers!

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Best Use for Scentsy Night Light Warmers

Our Scentsy night light warmers are often used in an above counter electrical wall outlets and work especially well in small rooms or bathrooms. In fact, we have night light warmers in each of our three bathrooms, but our son uses one in his hallway. As opposed to our traditional Scentsy candle warmers, the night light warmers use less scented wax. In fact, you’ll never need more than one cube at a time and you can even use one half of a cube to get started. After a day or two add the second half and you’ll get more mileage.

Scentsy Night Lights Provide Double the Benefits

Of course, in addition to warming scented wax, our Scentsy nightlight warmers also provide a nice soft light source. When dark, some of the warmers throw off very interesting light patterns, especially if there’s a mirror nearby. Then depending on the night light type, some provide different color illumination effects.

There’s an on and off switch built into the front of nightlight, so it’s super convenient to turn on or off without removing it from the electrical outlet.

Scentsy Night Light Warmer Basic Use

Unlike the larger sized warmers, the Scentsy night light warmers are built with the dish attached. It’s not so easy to remove a night light from a wall outlet without spilling the wax. That means, when you want to change the wax it’s best to turn the night light off and wait a few minutes. Then, once the wax begins to harden, remove the night light and empty the old wax. Also, since the dish is attached, if you break the warmer you’ll need to replace it. It’s not like you can buy a replacement dish as we can with the traditional larger sized warmers.

Scentsy Replacement Plugs

Scentsy Night Light Warmer Replacement Parts are Available

Although, the body of the night light warmer is not replaceable, you can replace the light bulb separately. Then the part that plugs into the wall outlet can be replaced as well. There’s not much else that can go wrong and if it does, you can contact Scentsy for help. If you purchased your night light from us, we’ll be happy to help you with your replacement parts.

Convert Scentsy Night Light Into a Tabletop Warmer

Convert Your Scentsy Night Light into a Tabletop Warmer

You probably didn’t know you could convert your night light warmer into a tabletop warmer using a handy tabletop base accessory. It’s inexpensive, easy to set up and allows you to display your favorite night light on a table as opposed to directly from a wall outlet.

Scentsy Night Light Warmers Styles and Types

We have various types of night light warmers and most even have the ability to double as a tabletop warmer! To do this, you’ll need to purchase the optional light base and you’ll all set.

Confusion With Night Light Warmers

By the way, not all night lights have that bright, glow in the dark illumination effect. Some are actually referred to as mini warmers and though they use a light bulb, the warmer shell has no transparency which means the only light comes from the small holes on the sides of the warmer. The University of Alabama warmer shown above is considered a mini warmer. If you have questions about the illumination effect of specific warmers, feel free to call or message us for verification prior to making your purchase.

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