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Mary Gregory 661-210-7617

Mary Gregory 661-210-7617

Scentsy Catalog Products 2019

Browse the Scentsy Catalog

Browse the latest Scentsy catalog featuring entire Scentsy home fragrance product line. The latest catalog displays some of the most unique and trendy home authentic Scentsy flameless candles & fragrance products ever. We love the new products and we’re sure you’ll be thrilled with what you find!

This season Scentsy offers some innovative new products such as the cool new Wall Fan Diffuser which is similar to the mini warmers in that, it plugs directly into a wall outlet. Then, if you already like using the Pods for your battery warmers you'll discover the wall fan diffusers use the exact same fragrance pods.

If you have pets be sure to check out the brand new line of pet care products including shampoo and more. Next, some customers might enjoy the new fragrance flowers. Also, there are new warmers featuring your favorite Disney characters.

When are the New Scentsy Catalogs Issued?

Typically, the Scentsy catalog is issued twice a year, once during the fall-winter season and again for spring-summer. Always keep your eye out for the catalog issue dates, because the preceding month before the new catalog issue is when Scentsy offers special deals on almost all Scentsy products. Usually, you’ll find products priced at at least 10% off, so it’s always a good idea to keep up with the latest Scentsy news.

General List of What You'll Find in the Scentsy Catalog

The latest Scentsy catalog is down below but here's a quick list of the general product categories of what you can expect to find. The catalog shown below is the Scentsy 2019 Fall-Winter Catalog.

  • Candle warmers available in various sizes and types. Some with light bulbs and some without.
  • Scentsy Bars, also known as scented wax melts. Many fragrances to choose from.
  • Nebulizer diffusers and essential oils.
  • Scent Circles and Car Bars to keep you car smelling aromatic!
  • Scented cleaning products.
  • Scentsy Buddies and more Scentsy products for kids!
  • Specials and Sale Items
  • Perfumes and more skin products. There are also grooming products for men!
  • Scented soaps, cream, laundry detergents you'll love dryer disks!
  • Scent paks for your buddies, bags or luggage
  • You also find information about hosting a Scentsy party or joining and selling Scentsy

Nowadays, Scentsy does NOT show every single product in the catalog. We suspect it would make it way too long, so be sure to see the available products right here in our shop. At the bottom of each product category there will be a link to see all products for any given category.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact Scentsy Independent Consultant Mary Gregory at 661-210-7617!

The 2019 Scentsy Fall/Winter Catalog Video

What's NOT Shown in the Catalog?

The catalog usually does not show the most recent but temporary product collections. Often, in between catalogs, Scentsy comes out with new collections based on seasonal offerings or holidays. Then, each month we have a new warmer and scent of the month, so it's just not possible to include these offering within the catalog.

If you are as passionate about Scentsy as we are, you might be interested in keeping up with all the products and learn of my specials by signing up for our newsletter. Unless there's a big Flash Sale, we only send out the newsletter once a month and we will NEVER spam you or share your contact info with ANYONE!

The Latest Scentsy Product List

Also, you might like the Scentsy warmer List. The image is intended to be an extra wide page, so it does not display so well after shrinking down to fit on this web page. Still you can see the products and if you find something interesting you can always look it up further in the full size Scentsy product catalog by tapping or clicking on the image or link above.

Personally, I prefer thumbing through a well designed catalog as opposed to looking at an online PDF. If you'd like a hard copy of the latest catalog, send us a text with your contact info and we'll mail it out to you! 661-210-7617

The adjacent video explains how the Scentsy Product Catalogs are developed and produced. Scentsy Vice President of Communications, John Curtis takes us through the creative process and technologies involved to bring us our bi-annual catalogs.

I must say, as a consultant all the Scentsy catalogs I've even seen are really appealing and I'm always happy to hand them out freely to my customers.

One more thing, I for one still enjoy thumbing through a well designed catalog and prefer the hard copy as opposed to looking at an online PDF. If you'd like a hard copy of the latest catalog, just send us a text with your contact info and we'll mail it out to you! 661-210-7617

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