Scentsy Products for Fall Winder 2023

Browse the Scentsy Catalog

Browse the latest Scentsy catalog featuring the Scentsy home fragrance product line. Our latest catalog displays some of the most unique and trendy wax warmers, fragrance delivery systems & scents ever. We love the new products and we’re sure you’ll be thrilled with what you find!

Unexpected Product Popularity
BTW, if you see something you like, be sure to place your order ASAP! Why? Because it’s not uncommon for new products to immediately become more popular than anticipated and there’s not enough to go around. Scentsy usually makes some more, but then you might have to wait!

Take a look through the new catalog and place your order early. That way, this winter, you’ll have some of the latest Scentsy products around to display in your home, and make it smell amazing too!

The Latest Scentsy Creations
The most popular will be the branded themed products such as Disney and Harry Potter! We also have themed products for professional sports such as Hockey and Football. Even better, everything smells amazing and some products don’t even need to be plugged in! Our customers are loving these latest creations.

Scentsy Warmer of the Month for Dec 2023
2023 Fall/winter Product Examples

What’s NOT Shown in the Catalog?

The catalog usually does not show the most recent but temporary product collections. Often, in between catalogs, Scentsy comes out with new collections based on seasonal offerings or holidays. Then, each month we have a new warmer and scent of the month, so it’s just not possible to include these offering within the catalog. You also won’t see any clearance products on sale.

If you are as passionate about Scentsy as we are, you might be interested in keeping up with all the products and learn of my specials by contacting us & signing up for our newsletter. Unless there’s a big Flash Sale, we only send out the newsletter once a month and we will NEVER spam you or share your contact info with ANYONE!

The Latest Scentsy Product List

Those interest can view the entire Scentsy product list for this catalog season. If desired, download the PDF by tapping or clicking on the link below the list.

When are the New Scentsy Catalogs Issued?

Typically, the Scentsy catalog is issued twice a year, once during the fall-winter season and again for spring-summer.

Always keep your eye out for the catalog issue dates, because the preceding month before the new catalog issue is when Scentsy offers special deals on almost all Scentsy products. Usually, you’ll find products priced at at least 10% off, so it’s always a good idea to keep up with the latest Scentsy news.

Partial List of What You’ll Find in the Scentsy Catalog

The links to the latest Scentsy catalog are displayed above, but here’s a quick list of the general product categories of what you can expect to find.

  • Wax warmers available in various sizes and types. Some with light bulbs and some without.
  • Scentsy Bars, also known as scented wax melts. Many seasonal fragrances to choose.
  • Nebulizer oil diffusers and essential oils.
  • Scentsy Air Purifier (NEW)
  • The Disney Collection
  • Harry Potter™
  • Cordless warmers and fan diffusers
  • Scent Pods for diffusers
  • Scent Circles and Car Bars to keep you car smelling aromatic!
  • Scented cleaning & laundry products.
  • Scentsy Buddies and more Scentsy products for kids!
  • Specials and Sale Items
  • Scented products for your body
  • Scent paks for your buddies, bags or luggage
  • You also find information about hosting a Scentsy party or joining and selling Scentsy

Nowadays, Scentsy does NOT show every single product in the catalog. We suspect it would make it way too long, so be sure to see the available products right here in our shop. At the bottom of each product category there will be a link to see all products for any given category.

Behind the Scenes Catalog Video

I must say, as a consultant all the Scentsy catalogs I’ve ever seen are quite appealing and I’m always happy to share links to the PDF with my customers. Although it’s probably only of interest to consultants, we display the Behind the Scenes video below.