Contents of Scentsy Startup Kit for Just $99

Buy the Scentsy Start Up Kit For $99

Most people don’t know, when joining Scentsy for just $99, you receive a Start Up Kit it can be valued well over $200! Yes, it’s just $99, for the kit, and you also become a Scentsy Independent Consultant. You’re are allowed to sell the most popular authentic Scentsy candle products available in the world.

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Scentsy Start Up Kit Contents Varies

$99 Startup KitThe consultant Start Up Kit is amazing and the contents will varies depending on the date and if it’s a special offering. No matter what the exact start up kit contents, rest assured you get everything you need to get a start selling Scentsy. You really can start earning income almost immediately.

Included in the start up kit is your very own Scentsy e-commerce website, FREE for the first three months. After that it’s only $10 per month. Your customers can shop online 24/7, and you earn the commission, even while your sleeping! Depending on the season and specific timing, here’s what’s included in the kit:

  • Party Testers (approximately 80 each) – These are Scentsy scented wax samples used for sharing the many different fragrances with your customers, friends, family, and anyone you meet. Believe me, when people smell all the amazing authentic Scentsy fragrances, they get excited and buy!
  • Demonstration Products – This includes an authentic Full Size Scentsy Warmer, a cute little Scentsy Buddy, Scent Pack, Scentsy Wax Bar, Skin Care or Cleaning products, and even a couple of light bulbs for good measure.
  • Business Supplies – (50) Scentsy Catalogs, (25) layers By Scentsy Catalogs, Discover Scentsy DVD, New Consultant Start up Guide, Scentsy Planner Calendar, Stickers, (100) Business Cards, (100) Party Invitations, (100) Order Forms, (5) Host Envelops, (25) Buy Brochures, (25) Host Brochures, (25) Join Brochures, Consultant Folder, and Welcome Letter.

Please remember, the kit contents vary and the items listed above will not exactly match what you will receive.

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Scentsy Start Up Kit Virtual Supplies

Choose Authentic Scentsy for the Best Quality Home Fragrance SystemsThe above list represent products or supplies that you can actually hold in your hand, but there’s so much more! We’ve already mentioned the shopping website, but you will also have access to your own online Scentsy business workstation from which to conduct all your business. You’ll have access from anywhere, as long as you have a internet connection. Your workstation is like GOLD! This is also where you’re hear all the latest Scentsy news and download your marketing pieces.

Scentsy Training and Coaching

Certainly, Scentsy start up kit is a must but depending on which consultant you join with, that person will be your sponsor and show you exactly how to get the very most out of your kit. If you join Scentsy through me I will be your sponsor and I’ll show you all the ropes!

Mary Gregory – [email protected] or 661-210-7617


  1. Cauleen Roberts on August 18, 2021 at 6:09 pm

    I want to sell Scentsy.

    • Pete Gregory on August 23, 2021 at 7:40 am

      We’d love to have you on our team. Start here to begin your journey!

  2. Cathy Howell on February 18, 2022 at 8:49 pm

    I just want some who
    Isn’t afraid of truth

    • Pete Gregory on February 22, 2022 at 7:07 pm

      Hi Cathy,

      It’s Mary’s husband, Pete Gregory. Mary and I have worked together as a Scentsy Independent Director team for many years now. I manage her website and most online communications. If I understand your request, you are looking for a truthful answer about joining Scentsy. I will do my best to provide some accurate information. First, Scentsy is NOT a get rich quick scheme of any kind. Yes, you can earn income, but just like any business, it takes work! The best way to earn income with Scentsy is by hosting parties. You can immediately earn a commission on your sales, but that amount varies depending on your rank. It might be 20%, 25% or 30% on your own sales. Then, if you have other consultants on your team or in your group, you can earn a percentage of their sales.

      Yes, some consultants make very good money. Others do okay. Still others, might just earn a little extra spending money each month. If you don’t sell any products, you will not earn any income. If you don’t sponsor new consultants to join, you will be missing out on earning more income than just the commission you earn from your own sales.

      Mary originally signed up because she really loves fragrances. Before Scentsy, she loved all the scented candles, scented bath products and more. As it turns out. she really loves the Scentsy products. If you are considering becoming a consultant, do it for the right reasons. If it’s because you love the products, go for it. It’s your passion for the products and the company that will motivate you.

      Mary and I both love all things Scentsy. We are passionate about the products and fortunate to have a good number of long time customers. The company owners are genuine, honest people and really do care for the team of consultants. They have a proven business plan in place, perfect for all consultants when starting out.

      Generally speaking, consultants should enjoy sharing and socializing with others. However, we’ve seen some new consultants who started out very shy, come out of their shell and do quite well. They were willing to get out of their comfort zone and be social.

      The bottom line is you want to have fun with it and don’t do it just for the money. If you love the products, enjoy sharing and selling the products with others, you win! If you enjoying sponsoring and training new consultants, you also win, and earn more income too.

      Last, we’ve attended the annual Scentsy reunions and made a ton of great friends. We’ve also worked very hard, earned vacations to some great places. Yes, we have fun. Do we make a load of money? No, but we do okay and we love what we do! if you still want to join with us, go to All the info is there. Alternatively, if you’d like to get in touch with Mary please visit our contact page and fill the form. Mary will respond and the two of you can schedule a time to talk.

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