Business Opportunity Information

My name is Mary Gregory and I’m a long time Scentsy Independent Consultant and Director. I joined Scentsy because I love safe home fragrances. I was always passionate about scented candles, but ever since I discovered how to safely melt scented wax without a flame, I was sold!

Over the years I shared a good number of posts about joining Scentsy and becoming a consultant. Yes, my posts were published as a means for building my own team, but I always stick to the truth and I’m NOT interested in talking anyone into anything! I have multiple reasons for joining Scentsy, but I continue because I love the products, the company and the people.

Scentsy is a highly regarded home fragrance company and NOT a get rich scheme. I always say, do not join Scentsy just for the money. Do it because you enjoy home fragrances and you believe in the products. Check out some of my posts to learn more.