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Consultant Reveals Best Deals on Scentsy

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Before doing anything else, we highly recommend you immediately check on our Scentsy special deals, now in CLEARANCE! If there's nothing there you like, check out our everyday bundle deals explained below! Yep! There are multiple ways to SAVE when shopping Scentsy!

Today this independent consultant reveals best deals on Scentsy, available everyday of the year! As a Scentsy Independent Consultant it's my duty to reveal the best deals Scentsy has to offer.

2 Ways to SAVE... Everyday
You can always save on Scentsy when you combine and save and buy Scentsy bundes to build a Multi-Pak. Then, you can also find discontinued or clearance items and often this will result in a 20% savings. Then, occasionally Scentsy does a special FLASH sale with some huge savings.

See below the photos and links below.

My Favorite Everyday Deals of the Year

Consultant reveals best deal #1! When you combine and bundle six together you can always get six bars for the price of five.

Consultant reveals best deal #2! When you bundle together room sprays it's like getting six for the price of five. Just like getting one bottle free!

Consultant reveals best deal #3! Instead of buying one scent circle at a time, bundle six together it's like getting one for FREE!

My three favorite bundle deals shown above are only a fraction of all the bundle deals available. Honestly, there are a number of buy three items deals, but you only save a dollar on those, so no big wow!

Yes, 10% off is always nice but I'm going to share more and reveal exactly where to find the best deals possible and save even more, up to 20%! If you would like to buy any of the products listed below, just click the photo or text link and you will be immediately taken to my shopping page where you can buy online 24/7. Alright, here we go! Pay close attention while this consultant reveals the best deals on Scentsy, everyday of the year!

Save Money with Deals on Scentsy

More Buy One Get One Sale Info

Just so you know, with Scentsy you can always save when taking advantage of the bundle combination deals, but during some months these deals are another 10% off. If you want to be informed of special deal months or FLASH sales, sign up for our newsletter and we'll keep you informed.

I'm not going to go through every one of the deals, but I'll share some of my favorites. Let me tell you, I'm buy as much as I can afford for myself and my family. If you want even better deals, host a party in a box, or home party and you can earn FREE products with a qualifying order.

Here are two more really good everyday deals:

During certain sales it can be even better! We've seen our customers get 1-1/2  items for free!

There are many more great deals available from Scentsy. Please call me, Mary Gregory, with any questions or if you need help with an order. 661-210-7617.

Everyday Scentsy Clearance Sales

Smart shoppers can even save more money everyday when shopping clearance! Our clearance items mostly consist of discontinued products because Scentsy is always coming out with great new stuff! As a result, they put the products no longer in production on sale in clearance. There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with the candle warmers or any of the products on clearance. They have just been replaced with the latest! I say, so what! When shopping clearance you never know how long the products will be available because when the stock runs out, it's GONE for good!

Shop Scentsy Clearance Today!

I hope we have helped you to SAVE when shopping Scentsy by sharing our post titled, Consultant Reveals Best Deals on Scentsy!


  1. Cindy Stoner on April 15, 2019 at 5:47 am

    Can you get the six pack deal (buy 5 and get one free) on clearance bars?

    • Pete Gregory on April 16, 2019 at 5:52 pm

      No, we’ve never seen that deal available.

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