Consultant Reveals Best Deals on Scentsy

Scentsy Product Deals

Hi, I’m Mary Gregory and today I reveal the best deals on Scentsy, available everyday of the year! As a Scentsy Consultant it’s my job to reveal the best deals Scentsy has to offer, especially to my loyal customers and website visitors.

Shop Clearance First! If you want a deal on Scentsy products right now, your first step, before doing anything else, we recommend checking on our Scentsy special deals in CLEARANCE! If there’s nothing there you like, check out our everyday bundle deals explained below! Yep! There are multiple ways to SAVE when shopping Scentsy which we explain below!

Newsletters & Flash Sales
Occasionally Scentsy does a special FLASH sale with some terrific savings. In order to take advantage you MUST sign up for our monthly newsletters. If there’s a flash sale, you’ll get an email notification letting you know. Also, the regular monthly newsletters often include links to special offers and new products.

By the way, the newsletter does NOT come from this meltawax website. It comes from my Scentsy shopping website at

My Favorite Everyday Scentsy Deals

buy six scentsy bars for 25 dollars

6 Scentsy Bars for the Price of 5

Most Popular Deal! Bundle six together you can always get six bars for the price of five.

6 scentsy room sprays

6 Room Sprays for the Price of 5

2nd Most Popular Deal! Bundle together 6 room sprays it’s like getting six for the price of five.

6 scentsy scent circles

6 Scent Circles for the Price of 5

Deal #3! Bundle six Scent Circle together and it’s like getting one for FREE!

UPDATE 2022 – With the increased interest in the non-traditional warmers such as the cordless warmers, air and fan diffusers, Scentsy now offers the 6 Scent Pod deal too! You can now buy 6 Scent Pod Twin Paks for the price of 5.

My 4 favorite bundle deals shown above are only a fraction of all the bundle deals available.

There are also a number of buy three items deals, but you only save a dollar on those, so no big wow and IMO, not worth the bother! Always take advantage of the 6 pack deals because that’s how you get 6 for the price of 5.

More Scentsy Deals
Example of Past Bundle Deals

More Ways to SAVE

Now I’m going to share more and reveal exactly where to find the best deals possible and save even more! Alright, here we go! Pay close attention while this consultant reveals the best deals on Scentsy, everyday of the year!

Just so you know, during some months almost all Scentsy products can be purchased for 10% off. It’s usually the month before the new catalog is issued. For instance, we just finished 10% off in Feb and the new Spring/Summer catalogs were released in March. If you want to be informed of special deal months or FLASH sales,¬†sign up for our newsletter¬†and we’ll keep you informed.

I’m not going to go through every one of the deals, but I’ll share some of my favorites. Let me tell you, I’m buy as much as I can afford for myself and my family. If you want even better deals, host a virtual party and you can earn FREE products with a qualifying order.

Here are two more really good everyday deals:

Buy Scentsy in Clearance

Clearance Sales Explained

Our clearance items usually consist of discontinued products because Scentsy is always coming out with great new stuff! As a result, they put the products no longer in production on sale in clearance. There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with the warmers or any of the products on clearance. They have simply been replaced with the latest, perhaps more trendy products! I say, so what! When shopping clearance you never know how long the products will be available because when the stock runs out, it’s GONE for good! If you see something you like, buy it, or it will be gone!

LAST WORDS – Shipping can be expensive so when ordering I highly recommend stocking up on wax or whatever products you use the most. Take advantage of the deals and SAVE as much as possible.


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