Scentsy Element Warmers No Lightbulb Needed!

Have a look below at our selection of Scentsy Element warmers! Our elemental warmers work just like our traditional warmers but instead of a light bulb, the wax is heated by a heating element, similar to a hot plate.

Since there is no lightbulb, that opened the door to some amazing candle warmer designs that otherwise would not be available if a lightbulb was needed. As a result, you will see some very unique, themed warmers that are sure to enhance the decor in any home or office.

Remember, since there's no bulb, there's no illumination effect but we think the unique designs more than make up for it. Have a look at all the latest in Scentsy Element Warmers as displayed below. Enjoy.

Scentsy Element Warmer Video

Scentsy Element Warmers Use No Light Bulb

First, since there is no light bulb it opened up some new doors with regard to design options. Our elementals are generally smaller and more compact but they use some different and very interesting designs. Certainly, as you can see by the product photos, the element warmers are some of the most beautiful and unique ever produced.

How Did the Idea for Elemental Warmers Begin

Originally, Scentsy only made candle warmers that used a low wattage light bulb serving two purposes. One was of course, to melt and warm the scented wax. Second, the light bulbs provided some interesting effects by illuminating the warmer itself and providing a night light effect, especially handy and beautiful at night.

As Scentsy grew and expanded outside of the U.S. some of the other countries didn’t allow use of light bulbs and therefore Scentsy developed warmers that worked without a light bulb. Then, after releasing these element warmers in other countries Scentsy also released them here in the United States and as it turns out, some of our customers grew fond of them.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Element Warmers

  • No Need to Replace Light Bulbs
  • Heating Elements Long Life Span
  • Compact Size
  • More Design Opportunities

The only disadvantages we can see for using element warmers is, if the heating element wears out, it’s not easily replaceable as a light bulb would be.

Next, most customers really love the cool lighting effects produced by some of our traditional warmers and though I also use element warmers, my family tends to prefer the traditional. No matter which type of our Scentsy candle warmers you choose, all will make your home or office smell amazing.

Some customers claim their element warmers provide even better scents, but we’ve seen no real evidence of this.