Little Garden Bowl Warmer


Authentic Scentsy element warmer called “Little Garden Warmer”. It’s an element warmer and there is no bulb. This is warmer is somewhat a DIY product in that you can arrange the faux succulents and black stone as desired.

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This cute little garden element warmer is shaped like a bowl and has a separate dish for the scented wax. It comes with a bag of stones and 3 faux succulant plants which can be easily arranged by the customer.

The warmer does NOT use a light bulb and does NOT light up. It is intended to melt our Scentsy wax and make your space smell amazing! It plugs into an electrical outlet and intended to be placed on a tabletop. It is hand painted and 3.5″ tall. The Little Garden Bowl Warmer is very cute and a perfect gift for any customers interested in home gardens.