Scentsy Room Sprays

Aromatic Scentsy Room Spray

Our customers like using scentsy room sprays to quickly fill any room or space with the aromatic aroma of their favorite fragrance. This is especially convenient when receiving unexpected company or if you just want to quickly freshen the air while waiting for your scented wax to melt. All it takes is two or three pumps to emit a fine mist and you're all set!

Authentic Scentsy Room Spray Fragrances

Authentic Scentsy room sprays are available in the very same scents we all know and love, and it’s not unusual to see customers buying room spray fragrances to match their favorite wax melt scent.

Honestly, the first time we used the Scentsy room sprays we were surprised at how effectively they worked while using so little spray! They do seem to last longer, even though we use much less than traditional air fresheners.

Where to Use the Scentsy Room Sprays

What makes the Scentsy air fresheners extra useful is their portability. They are so small and easy to carry you can easily take one with you while you’re on the go.

It’s pretty obvious and we can all think of where we can use the room sprays, but I bet you might not have thought of a few instances where our Scentsy room sprays might be especially handy.

  • Try using the room sprays in the garage
  • My neighbor’s son used room spray in his treehouse.
  • How about the attic?
  • Wine Cellar
  • Some older buildings have that old musty smell and a few shots of room spray a day might do the trick!
  • If you’re a real estate agent, keep some Scentsy room sprays with you for open houses or vacant house showings. Arrive a few minutes early and spritz the entire house.
  • Try some in the break room at your office?
  • Your office building bathroom
  • Even though we have Scent Circles for the car, one or two quick pumps will make it smell amazing!
  • There are so many opportunities so try keeping your favorite in your bag and you’ll love the results.

Also, don’t forget about buying a six pack of Scentsy room sprays. It’s like getting one free, so be sure to see our combine and save multi pack deals.