Baked Apple Pie Room Spray


It only takes a squirt or two with Scentsy Baked Apple Pie room spray to make your home smell just like this old time favorite dessert. Long lasting and comes in a 2.7 fl oz bottle.

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I bet you never thought you could buy a room spray and smells as good as or better than any baked apple pie made by your mom or grandma! Well, I can tell you it’s absolutely true. This is Mary’s husband Pete. When I first smelled this scent I swear I could NOT believe I was not smelling real baked apple pie. In fact, I was quite disappointed to learn it was a Scentsy scent as opposed to the real thing. I will never understand how it’s possible to create a fragrance that smells so real. Regardless, if you like food type scents, you’ll love this room spray.

BTW, I highly suggest NOT mixing the Baked Apple Pie with a floral or fruity type fragrance. In fact, I wouldn’t mix with anything but if I had to choose, perhaps another food type scent.