Helpful tips to Enjoy These Warmers
Two Beautiful Warmers Released in 2022

Helpful Tips to Help You Enjoy Your New Scentsy Warmers

Here are some helpful tips to help you enjoy your Scentsy Warmers and scented wax. We also include information about the newer battery warmers, fan diffusers and scent pods.

As a longtime Scentsy independent consultant sometimes I forget what it’s like for our brand new Scentsy customers. I keep hearing questions such as, how long will my wax last? Where do I get more wax? How do I clean out my dish? Where can I buy another warmer? I see other wickless candles at the store, but the label doesn’t say SCENTSY. Do they sell SCENTSY in stores? What about replacement bulbs? Here are some useful tips to help our new Scentsy customers thoroughly enjoy their new Scentsy products.

Warmer and Diffuser Types and Usage

Where Can I Buy Scentsy?

authentic scentsy products

If you are a new Scentsy customer or received Scentsy as a gift, congratulations! Scentsy makes some of the most unique and well built fragrance delivery systems in the world. We know you’ll be very happy and hope to help you along the way.

Scentsy is not available in stores, and can only be purchased from a Scentsy Independent Consultant. You might see a similar product in a store, but it’s not Scentsy! Almost any experienced Scentsy customer will tell you, there’s absolutely nothing on the market that can compare to Scentsy.

UPDATE! In addition to the traditional warmers & wax, Scentsy now offers a full range of fan diffusers that do NOT use wax. Some are even cordless warmers! These new diffusers use fragrance Pods and they work terrific!

The Scentsy warmers are flameless, safe, unique, well made, popular, and reasonably priced. They’re available in multiple sizes and many different colors and trendy designs. Also, there are over eighty different aromatic fragrances. There’s so much we can share, but the best way to find out more is to browse our Scentsy Shop.

Mary Selling Scentsy at Boutique
Mary Gregory at Holiday Boutique

Order Scentsy Here With Mary Gregory

Hi! My name is Mary Gregory and I’m a Scentsy Independent Consultant. Before finding Scentsy, I loved scented candles. Of course the candles are still quite nice, but they are also a fire hazard. When I finally discovered Scentsy flameless candles back in 2008, I went all in and became a consultant. Why? Although I earn pretty good extra income most months, that was NOT the reason. It was simply because I love the Scentsy fragrances and warmers.

You can order all your Scentsy products here with me. Just click or tap on any product in our shop and you will be redirected to my official Scentsy store to place a secure order. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be your Scentsy Consultant and committed to helping you, for life!


Step by Step Instructions for Setting Up a Standard Size Warmer

scentsy warmer with scented wax in dish

The instructions below apply to our authentic Scentsy, traditional larger tabletop warmers. Nowadays, some of our newer warmers have multiple decorative parts and pieces which we’ll cover later. Setting up a traditional warmer is simple and self explanatory.

  1. Open the box, read the instructions and safety information that came with your new warmer
  2. Remove all the plastic and remove the light bulb from inside the warmer. Don’t forget to remove the plastic from the bulb.
  3. Place the Scentsy warmer on a table or flat surface
  4. Screw in the light bulb
  5. Place the separate dish on top of the warmer
  6. Plug in the warmer to any safe electrical outlet
  7. Place one small scented wax cube in the warmer dish
  8. Turn on the switch. (The switch in located on the electrical cord)
  9. In a few minutes the wax will melt and your space will smell wonderful

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Instructions for Setting Up a Mini Warmer

Setting up a nightlight or mini warmer is quite simple, but we have page with step by step instructions on how to set up a mini warmer. It also includes how to convert one to a tabletop warmer.

Video Instructions for Mini Warmer Set Up & Conversions
Because there’s sometimes confusion about the different mini warmers or nightlight warmers, my husband Pete was kind enough to make this instructional video.

How Much Wax Should Be Used in Scentsy Warmers?

How Much Scented Wax to Use

The amounts of wax you’ll need will vary depending on the size of the warmer and the size of your room.

First, see your Scentsy Bar and notice each bar contains eight small cubes of scented wax. For the small night light warmers or mini warmers, you only need one cube at a time. Most people use the night light warmers in outlets located above counters or small rooms such as a bathroom. You only need to use one small cube at a time, and some customers even cut the cube and use half at a time.

If you have a mid size or larger warmer, we usually suggest two cubes at a time, at the most! Try one cube, then one and a half and see how it goes. Some fragrances are stronger than others, so it’s best to experiment and see what works best.

You’ll see many photos displaying warmers with 3 or 4 cubes of wax, but we suggest ignoring those. Remember, more wax isn’t always better. Try experimenting to determine what works for your home your preferred fragrance. Often you can get by using less wax that one might think.

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How Long Will My Scented Wax Last?

Placing Wax in Scentsy Warmer Dish

t’s important to understand how the scented wax works, so we’ve done our best to explain below.

First, the wax will not evaporate or dissipate. Each single cube of wax will continue to provide a fragrance for between 10 and 20 hours. If you put in two cubes or more, it will not last any longer, and that’s why we suggest starting out with less. Once you put wax into the dish and warm it, the clock starts ticking. Also, the length of time will wary, depending on the fragrance. Some really do last longer than others. I’ve heard reports from my customers saying they actually got 40 to 50 hours off of one and a half cubes. This is amazing and is not the norm!

One Scentsy bar contains eight cubes. If you get 15 hours out of each cube, a full Scentsy bar will yield 120 hours of fragrance. Considering the price, that’s a heck of a deal, especially when compared to a scented candle!

You can also text me and I’m happy to help you choose. Mary 661-210-7617.

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How to Change the Wax & Clean the Dish?

Scentsy Fragrance Delivery Systems
3 Examples of Scentsy Fragrance Delivery Systems

If you don’t want to spend the money on the cotton pads, follow the suggestions below to remove the wax. This is the way I clean my warmers.

Nightlights & Mini Warmers
For the small night light or mini warmer, it’s best to turn the warmer off and let the wax cool for a few minutes. Once the warmer is safe to touch and the wax starts to harden, simply unplug the warmer and empty the soft wax into a trash can, using a paper towel or tissue. Just wipe the dish with a towel and you’re all set to put in a new cube of wax.

Standard Tabletop Warmers
For the larger table top warmers, it’s much easier. It’s still best to wait a few minutes for cooling. First, turn off the warmer and wait until it cools a bit. Once you can safely handle it, lift the dish from the top of the warmer and empty it into a trash can. Then, simply wipe the dish clean with a paper tower and you’re all set. Place the dish back on the warmer and start your new wax warming.

Battery Warmers
The battery warmers use Scent pods and DO NOT use the wax, so there is no cleaning. You can have a look at the scent pods here.

We have other posts about the various diffusers so you can clear up any confusion and can find out which diffusers use scent pods.

Scentsy Light Bulb Tips

Scentsy Replacement Bulbs
25W 20W & 15W

Keep in mind, not every Scentsy warmer that melts wax uses a lightbulb. We also carry element warmers and of course, there’s no bulb for those. Also, there’s no element replacement available. Remember, the battery warmer and other air type diffusers do NOT use wax!

The 15 watt light bulbs for the small Scentsy night light mini warmers can be very difficult to find, but you can find the 20 watt mid size bulb, and the 25 watt full size bulb, almost anywhere. The small night light warmer bulbs are small bulbs, similar to the old time type of bulbs that were used on Christmas trees, but you need 15 watts! Most of the light bulbs that are shaped like the night light warmer light bulbs, are of a lower wattage. Do not waste your money buying a lower wattage replacement bulb. The bulb for your night light warmer MUST be the exact same size bulb that came with your warmer, but 15 Watts. The lower wattage bulbs will not keep your wax melted.

Scentsy Colored Light Bulbs
Examples: Multi-color bulbs & 40W Edison in center.

We suggest buying a couple of replacement bulbs the next time you buy more wax. The Scentsy replacement light bulbs in our home tend to last six months to a year, but we use the warmers often. Just like any other light bulb in our home, we keep spares on hand so we always have one when we need it.

NEW BULBS – FYI, now we have bulbs in various colors. There’s also a larger wattage bulb for certain warmers.

Bulb Sizing Chart

If you have an older warmer and not sure of the bulb size, the link to the chart below MIGHT help. Unfortunately, we don’t have a chart for the more recent warmers. Nowadays, we include the bulb size for each of the newer warmers displayed on this site.

Not Sure of Your Light Bulb Size? See the Sizing Chart

Scentsy Replacements & Accessories Available

We carry many Scentsy replacement parts, accessories and even replacement dishes for your warmers. It rarely occurs, but if you break a dish or lid, we may have a replacement. There are also warmer stands available in square and circle design that you might like.

Shop for Replacement Dishes and Lids

How to SAVE Money When Buying Scentsy?

buy six scentsy bars for 25 dollars

When it comes to saving money, this tip is probably the most important of all! To get the very best value for your money be sure to take advantage of our bundle deals. These deals are available 24/7 online in my shop. Our favorite deal is the 6 Scentsy Bars. Shop the combine and save deals and you will save money every time you buy! You will also be interested to check out this post where I reveal all the best ways to save when buying Scentsy.


You can also sign up for my newsletter to stay informed. You’ll receive a monthly newsletter informing you of sales. Occasionally you’ll also receive a notification about FLASH SALES, but those are rare. We never spam your inbox and your information stays with me and Scentsy only! You can opt out anytime.

Scentsy Clearance Specials

Scentsy comes out with two catalogs a year and once new products are released you can often find some nice clearance deals. Typically the savings amount to about 20% off but we’ve seen much larger savings too!

Shop Scentsy Clearance Sales

Scent Pod Deals
Our Scentsy Scent Pods last a pretty long time, up to 240 hours per pod, but they still require replacement, especially if you are a power user. If so, we highly recommend you take advantage of bundle deals. You can get 6 scent pods for the price of 5, but ONLY if you buy the Scent Pods by the bundle.

Natural Oils
We don’t have a bundle deal for the natural oils but they are just $12 per bottle, so that’s a pretty good price. Also, keep en eye on this site, especially the month leading up to the twice yearly catalog issues when you can usually get 10% off most products.

Cordless, Battery Operated Warmers!

How Scentsy Battery Warmers Work 2

Our customers love the authentic Scentsy battery powered warmers with no cord! Released in September of 2017, the warmers are small, light weight and you can place it anywhere in your home or office, no electrical outlet needed! We even take it with us in the car when going on the road. Also, the battery is rechargeable, just like your phone!

Other Fan Diffusers

We also carry some handy little fan diffusers. Some plug directly into a wall outlet and some are connected with a USB, just like your phone. They also use the Scent Pods, NOT wax.

Important Note: The battery warmers & air diffusers don’t use the same scented wax as our standard warmers. Instead they use Scent Pods. They are very inexpensive and there’s never any wax mess to clean up. Scent Pods come in a twin pack and each pod lasts up to 120 hours.

Scentsy Oil Diffusers

The Scentsy Oil Diffusers are beautiful and work GREAT and the lighting effects are incredible. If you prefer essential oils as opposed to wax or scent pods, the oil diffusers are certainly worth a look.

Cotton Clean Up for Wax Warmers

Scentsy Cotton Clean Up Pads

Here’s an easy new way to clean wax from your warmer! When it’s time to swap out your melted wax, place one Cotton Cleanup pad in the melted wax. Wait a few seconds seconds while the cotton soaks the wax and you’re all set. Each pad is intended to be used once but can absorb up to four melted Scentsy Bar cubes. You can buy 25 pads for $10!

Be Safe and Turn Warmer Off at the End of the Day

Treat your traditional warmers just as you would any other desktop or tabletop lamp. Treat your mini warmers as if a night light. Just like a lamp, scentsy bulbs and warmers get hot. The more you use them, the less life is left in the bulbs or elements. It’s a good practice when you’re done with your warmer for the day, turn off the switch. You can leave the wax in the dish, let it harden, and use it again next time.

We hope we’ve provided you with the helpful tips to help you enjoy your Scentsy Warmers. We encourage you contact us directly or leave a comment and we will respond promptly.