6 Scent Pod Twin Packs Bundle Deal

Scentsy 6 Scent Pods Deal


Product Brief Description

Buy six Scentsy scent pod twin packs and save. Purchased separately the Scent Pods are $10.00 each. When you purchase a bundled Multi-Pack it’s like getting one free!

IMPORTANT: To take advantage of the deal, you must use the link provided. If you just go the separate Scent Pods section you will not get the deal!

Additional Product Information

The Scent Pods don’t just work with traditional Scentsy warmers. They are only intended for use
in the Scentsy Go Cordless Warmers and the Wall Fan Diffusers.

Instructional Video – How to Correctly Place a Multi-Pak Order

Honestly, it’s easy to buy the Scentsy Pods bundle deal but unless you’ve done it before it can be slightly confusing. The video below provides the clarification needed to help you place an order to take advantage of any bundle deal.