Aromatic Scented Soap By Scentsy

Scentsy Hand Soap

Although we no longer have Scentsy hand sanitizers, we do have aromatic Scentsy Scented Soap, available in a variety of popular fragrances. The soap comes in a plastic container holding 11 oz of liquid soap. There’s also a convenient pump dispenser and the soap perfectly compliments our scented lotion. As we all know, soap works best when it comes to sanitizing killing germs and our Scentsy soap is no different. As of 2022, the cost is $9 per bottle.

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Variety of Scented Soap Fragrances

The list below includes some of the soap fragrances available, but please keep in mind they will change. Many of the Scentsy fragrances are seasonal and this applies to the hand soap as well.

  • Cloudberry Dreams Hand Soap
  • Coconut Daiquiri Hand Soap
  • Cozy Cardigan Hand Soap
  • Luna Hand Soap
  • Jeweled Pomegranate Hand Soap
  • Mystery Man Hand Soap
  • Vanilla Waves Hand Soap

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We were disappointed to see the original hand sanitizer was discontinued, but with the new soap, we couldn’t be happier. What makes it so special are the fragrances. My husband is a big fan of the Luna hand soap but I prefer the Mystery Man fragrance. Most of us gals love the good smelling man fragrance and it’s so nice to wash up with my favorite fragrances.

Consultant Comments

I’m Mary Gregory and I’ve been a Scentsy consultant since around 2008. I also operate a home child care and keeping a dozen children clean and safe is no easy task. I have little time for shopping so I order everything I can from Scentsy. The children use the soap multiple times each day and they all love when we break out a new fragrance.

Also, after a long hard day caring for the kids, my favorite activity is a nice warm bath. It’s even better because I use Scentsy Bath Soak with each and every bath. If you haven’t tried it I highly recommend ordering a package and giving it a test run. I promise, you won’t be sorry!

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