Scentsy Scent Circles for Your Car

Scented Circles Perfect for Your Car

Scentsy Scent Circles smell aromatically delicious and work perfectly when hanging from the rear view mirror in the car, or anywhere you can hang from above. Heck, if you're an astronaut you could even hang it in your space ship! Just having a little fun here, but I did hear about a fighter pilot using one in his car. Why not his space ship too? Hey, it's possible...maybe!

See below to choose from an array of aromatically delicious scent circles and if you need some help deciding, you're welcome to all or text independent consultant Mary Gregory at 661-210-7617. Enjoy!

Scentsy Scent Circles Packaging, Shape and Usage

The scent circles are shaped like a flat, circular disk and come in a clear plastic package. There’s a thin stretchy type string attached to the disc to be used to wrap around your rear view mirror or any overhead attachment. We also hang then from our indoor light fixtures, hang them on the corner of a mirror and so on.

Do Scent Circles Only Work in Cars?

You can use our scent circles in any small, enclosed space. When traveling we sometimes bring a few circles along to place in the bathrooms and closets of our hotel rooms. This can be especially helpful if you can’t afford staying in a 4 or 5 star hotel. It’s much easier than packing a warmer and works fine for a week or two.

How Many Fragrances Are Available in the Scent Circles?

Our Scentsy Scent Circles are available in over 80 fragrances, basically all the same authentic Scentsy fragrances you know and love. The scent circles were originally intended to hang from the real view mirror in the car but can hang from almost anywhere.

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How Long Do the Scent Circles Last?

In our experience, after you open the small package the scent is released and the fragrance will then last about a week. It could be longer but it will depend on if you leave your windows open, running the air, etc. Also, just like our scented wax, some fragrances are stronger than others and the life span does vary.

CAUTION: Do NOT leave the scent circle placed on top your seat or furnishings for any long period of time as it can become a bit sticky after a while. Don't worry too much about this though! It does take quite a long time before it becomes sticky.

TRICK: If your scent circle has reached the end of it's lifespan, try bending or cutting it in half. That's usually good for another day or two of fragrance.

Who Likes the Car Wash Fragrances?

BTW, we've all been to the car wash and for the most part their air fresheners suck! Once you try one of our Scentsy scent circles, you'll NEVER want to stink up your car with a car wash fragrance again. Well, it's true!