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Scent Pods for Scentsy Cordless Air Diffusers & Air Purifiers

Shop and place an order for authentic Scentsy Scent Pod Twin Packs. The pods are made specifically to work with our popular cordless warmers, wall fan diffusers, mini fan diffusers and scented air purifiers. The scent pods are currently available in a variety of the popular authentic Scentsy signature fragrances and they smell the same as our scented wax we all know and love. Each pod can last up to 240 hours, so it’s a terrific value. Scroll down to start shopping.

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We have more Scentsy Pod fragrances available for your enjoyment. To view more please click the button below to have a look. Remember, the fragrances will smell the same as signature Scentsy scented wax.

How the Scentsy Scent Pods Work

The Scentsy diffusers all have a built in fan that pushes the air up through the scent pods. The air travels through those pods and into your home or office space and you will immediately smell the aromatic fragrance of your favorite scent. Each pod contains beads which release just the right amount of scent making for a unique experience when using your favorite Scentsy scents.

Each Scentsy Pod Twin Pack provides UP TO 120 HOURS of fragrances and in cludes 2 pods in each pack

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Scentsy Scent Pods were originally made for use with our Scentsy Go Cordless Warmers. As previously noted, we now have a few different air type diffusers and all work with the pods.

Important Note: Scentsy Pods DO NOT work with traditional wax warmers AND scented wax does NOT work in the diffusers.

Order your Scentsy Scent Pods today and enjoy the fresh and clean aromatic fragrances by Scentsy! Remember, no one does home fragranceslike Scentsy!

Fragrance Delivery Devices Use Scenty Pods

With all the various fragrance delivery systems available, sometimes it can be confusing when buying warmer & diffuser fragrances. That’s why we published a post clearly explaining which fragrance type works with which diffusers. Please contact us should you have any questions and we’ll respond ASAP. You can also text me directly. Mary Gregory, 661-210-7617.