Vanilla Bean Buttercream Scent Pod Twin Pack

VanillaBean Buttercream Scentsy Pod


Product Brief Description

Our Vanilla Bean Buttercream Twin Pack comes with two pods, each lasting up to 120 hours! Customers who like vanilla scented fragrances will want this one!Sorry, but this may be SOLD OUT! We expect it to return soon, so we’re leaving it up!

Additional Product Information

Reminds when I was a child licking the bowl after mom made buttercream frosting!

See all our amazing Scentsy Pods now available exclusively for our cordless warmers, wall fan diffusers and mini fan diffusers.

Each Scentsy Pod provides up to 120 hours of fragrances. Pack of 2.

Important Note: Scentsy Scent Pods do NOT work with oil diffusers OR out traditional wax warmers.