Baked Apple Pie Scent Pods


Place your order for our authentic Scentsy Baked Apple Pie Scent Pod Twin Pack. Yep, it’ll make your home or office smell just like mom’s baked apple pie!

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If you’ve never experienced the Scentsy Baked Apple Pie Scent Pods you will be amazed how it smells just like the best baked apple pie you ever ate! My husband came home from work one day and was so pleased to smell his favorite pie. Later, he was very disappointed to discover there was no pie in the oven. Yep, it was my scent pod!

Our authentic Scentsy pods work a little differently than our other fragrances, but they smell the same. See all Scentsy pods exclusively available for your Scentsy GO cordless warmers, wall fan and mini fan diffusers. The scent pods DO NOT work with our traditional wax warmers!

Each Scentsy Pod twin pack comes in a pack of 2 and each pod provides up to 120 hours of fragrances.