Scentsy Diffuser Styles
Example of Diffuser Styles

Which Scentsy Diffusers Use Scent Pods and Which Use Natural Oils?

See below our detailed list of Scentsy diffusers that use scent pods or essential/natural oils, NOT wax. In case you have not noticed, Scentsy now offers a full line of air and oil diffusers. These are fragrance delivery systems that do not use or melt scented wax. Instead of wax, these well made machines use oils or scent pods. All of these home fragrance systems are terrific but all the different diffusers have caused a good amount of confusion with our customers.

Some of these Scentsy diffuser systems are cordless, some plug into wall outlets, others plug into USB ports. However, the one thing they ALL have in common is, they DO NOT USE WAX! Instead, they use of scent pods or natural/essential oils to produce the signature Scentsy fragrances we all know and love. In this post, we promise to clear up all the confusion, once and for all!

Which Scentsy Diffusers Use Oils and Which Use Scent Pods

Scentsy Diffuser List UPDATED!
The list below is accurate as of late 2021 however products often change and so can this list. To keep our customers and visitors in the loop, we will update as often as possible.

  1. Premium Oil Diffusers: Uses Scentsy Natural Oils
  2. Deluxe Oil Diffusers: Uses Scentsy Natural Oils
  3. Scentsy Go Cordless: Uses Scentsy Scent Pods
  4. Wall Fan Diffusers: Uses Scentsy Scent Pods
  5. Mini Diffusers: Uses Scentsy Scent Pods
  6. Scentsy Air Purifier: Uses Scentsy Scent Pods

All other Scentsy traditional warmers melt scented wax. Have a look at the tabs below for more detailed information about each diffuser type, oils and scent pods.

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Scentsy Scent Pod Description
Air flows through the Scentsy Pods and into the space resulting in an immediate aromatic experience. Each scent pod contains beads and release the perfect amount of your selected fragrance. Each Scentsy Pod provides up to 120 hours of fragrances and comes 2 pods to a pack.

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Details About the Different Diffuser Styles and Types

Scentsy Deluxe Oil Diffusers

Deluxe Oil Diffusers
One Scentsy Deluxe Oil Diffuser Shown Here Displaying 3 of the 8 LED Light Modes

All Deluxe Oil Diffusers Use Scentsy Natural & Essential Oils

The Deluxe Oil Diffuser produces the desired fragrance very similar to the premium diffuser. It’s must less expensive, smaller and does not have all the bells and whistles as the premium oil diffusers. Just fill the container with water and your desired scented natural oil, turn it on and the fragrance will fill your space in minutes.

It’s just 6 1/2 inches tall and plugs into a standard electrical outlet. It comes with a 450-mL reservoir that typically provides fragrance lasting more than a day. It’s well built, stylish, and a terrific way to enjoy your favorite fragrances while enjoying the benefits as well.

There are sliding controls on the side of the diffuser enabling customers to adjust settings for a number of LED lighting modes.

Scentsy Premium Oil Diffusers

Scentsy Premium Oil Diffuser
Example of Scentsy Premium Oil Diffuser

All Premium Oil Diffusers Use Scentsy Natural & Essential Oils

Scentsy makes some of the best premium oil diffusers on the market. They look absolutely amazing and are extremely will built. Each diffuser plugs into an electrical outlet and comes with 16 LED special lighting effects and the controls are at your fingertips.

Replacement Shades Available
You can buy replacement shades separately so you don’t have to buy a whole new diffuser if you want to swap out the shade for a different look.

Each premium oil diffuser comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Scentsy Go Cordless Diffusers

How Scentsy Battery Warmers Work

All Scentsy Go Cordless Warmers Use Scentsy Scent Pods. In fact, even though they are referred to as “warmers” they do not warm. they are really diffusers and diffuse air as opposed to warming anything.

Yes, these popular Scentsy cordless diffusers are usually referred to as warmers but they are really just diffusers powered by a battery. They have actually been around quite a while now and are have become quite popular. Why? Because no electrical cord or outlet is needed to operate. They are powered by rechargeable batteries, so customers can recharge the battery just like you would charge your phone.

The Scentsy Go cordless units were the first of it’s kind to use the scent pods instead of wax. These Scentsy Go units are attractive, well made and work perfectly. Some, not all of the cordless units include variable fan speeds and LED lighting effects. There’s more to share about this so please click the link below to learn more or place an order.

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Scentsy Mini Fan Diffusers

Scentsy Mini Fan Connected to Laptop
Mini Fan Connected to Laptop

All Mini Fan Diffusers Use Scentsy Scent Pods.

These mini-fan diffusers first came out in the Spring/Summer catalog of 2020. They are kind of different in that they plug into any USB port in order to operate. They are NOT rechargeable and you must plug them into any USB port for them to work. Yes, as shown in the pic, you can plug them into your laptop.

Like the cordless warmers, these mini fans use the Scent Pods and do NOT use wax. Instead, the fan simply pushes (diffuses) the air through the scent pod to fill the room with the desired fragrance. There are no LED lighting effects but at this time the units come 3 or 4 colors. These would be easy to place in any computer bag and take it with you wherever you go.

My husband is a web developer and we bought one so he can take it with him. Since he’s always using his laptop, he can just plug into the USB port and he’s all set.

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Scentsy Wall Fan Diffusers

Three Different Scentsy Wall Fan Diffusers
Wall Fan Styles and Colors Change

All Wall Fan Diffusers Use Scentsy Scent Pods.

Scentsy offers fan diffusers that use the scent pods but plug directly into a wall outlet.

Like all the other diffusers, the wall fans do not use or warm scented wax! In fact, we really like this fragrance delivery system option becausethere’s no wax to spill. This is especially helpful if plugged into a wall outlet near the floor. There’s no doubt, using Scent Pods really is a neater and cleaner way to enjoy your favorite fragrances.

If you enjoy Scentsy’s unique and aromatic fragrances but don’t like adding or removing melted wax, our wall fan diffusers are perfect! No muss and no fuss and your home or office will smell terrific.

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Scentsy Air Purifier

3 Scentsy Air Purifier Pics
Scentsy Air Purifier Pics

All Scentsy Air Purifier Use Scentsy Scent Pods.

Scentsy now offers air purifiers that clean the air while dispensing the signature fragrances we all know and love! We’ve been waiting for this for a long time and as a consultant I’m especially pleased with this. No, my grandaughter’s room will have clean air and smell great! NO POOP SMELL! I will say, the purifiers are NOT cheap but most others do NOT dispense a fragrance. Those that do are also a bit costly so compared to other similar purifiers the price is right!

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How to SAVE Money When Buying Pods & Oils?

Scentsy Scent Pod Bundle Deal
Click Photo to Order 6 Scent Pod Twin Pack for Price of 5

Scent Pod Deals
Our Scentsy Scent Pods last a pretty long time, up to 240 hours per pod, but they still require replacement, especially if you are a power user. If so, we highly recommend you take advantage of bundle deals. You can get 6 scent pods for the price of 5, but ONLY if you buy the Scent Pods by the bundle.

Natural Oils
We don’t have a bundle deal for the natural oils but they are just $12 per bottle, so that’s a pretty good price. Also, keep en eye on this site, especially the month leading up to the twice yearly catalog issues when you can usually get 10% off most products.

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Scent Pods Available for Air or Fan Diffusers

Scentsy Scent Pod Bundle Deal
Scent Pod Twin Packs

Remember, don’t get confused. The only two diffuser types that use oils are the Deluxe and Premium Oil Diffusers. These oils will NOT work with the wall fan diffusers, mini-fan diffusers or cordless units. Of course, they also will not work with the traditional wax warmers.

Natural Oils Available for Oil Diffusers

Scentsy Natural Oils
Example: 4 Bottles of the Scentsy Natural Oils

Scentsy offers a variety of aromatic essential and natural oils. Although scents change over time, there are usually well over 20 different fragrances available.

Remember, don’t get confused. The only two diffuser types that use oils are the Deluxe and Premium Oil Diffusers. These oils will NOT work with the wall fan diffusers, mini-fan diffusers or cordless units. Of course, they also will not work with the traditional wax warmers.

All Scentsy Oils are completely natural and naturally derived. Scentsy uses no synthetic ingredients in any of their oils. All are fragrant oils that come from natural plant parts such as, fruit peels or pulp, plant and tree leaves, stems, branches, flowers, bark, roots, etc.