Buy Scentsy Bundles and Save

Bundle and Save

As a Scentsy Independent Consultant I’m able to offer customers some terrific, money saving Bundle deals. Simply choose from a variety of Scentsy Bundles and build your own multi-paks! See below and choose a bundle to get started building your Multi-Pak.


  1. There are more bundle deals available than shown below, but we ONLY display those resulting in the BEST value!
  2. If having any difficulty placing a Multi-Pak order, try scrolling down the page to view our explainer video.

Browse Scentsy Bundle Deals

Choose From More Bundle Deals

There are more bundle deals available than those displayed above. Simply click the button below to view all the bundle deals currently available.

How the Scentsy Bundle Deals Work

It’s so easy to choose from an array of Scentsy Bundles to build your own Multi-Pak, and save money every day of the year! There’s never any need to wait for that big special Scentsy deal to roll around because the bundles are always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

For years we’ve been reminding our customers to buy Scentsy bundles to combine and save while shopping for Scentsy. It’s especially good for stocking up anything you know you will use for example, scented wax, room sprays, Scent Paks & more. There are even more Scentsy bundles to choose from, but we’re always surprised at the number of customers who don’t take advantage of the savings.

Why Don’t More Customer’s Take Advantage of Bundle Deals

As we said, we don’t understand why more people don’t take advantage of this obvious savings option and we think it comes down to three or four reasons:

  1. Some customers just aren’t aware of the Scentsy Bundle and Multi-Pak Availability.
  2. Some do NOT realize they can make their own product choices. They may think they are limited to only buying the product shown in the photo. This is NOT true!
  3. Others thought they we’re getting the deals, but they didn’t. The truth is, Scentsy’s build a multi-pak page is a little tricky to use. That’s why I’m here to help you with your purchase.
  4. Perhaps some customers are financially well off and don’t want to take the extra steps to place a bundle order.

Here’s How Our Scentsy Bundles Work

First, browse through all the various Scentsy Bundles. Once you click the buy button you’ll have the ability to make your own product selections. For example, if choosing the 6 Room Sprays or 6 Scentsy Bars, once you click or tap the buy button, you will land on the Build a Multi-Pak page. From there you’ll be able to easily make your own selections. It’s not difficult at all and the bottom line is, you’ll realize some pretty good savings.

Should you have any problems just take a look at the instructional video displayed on this page and you’ll see how easy it is to build your own multi-pak.

Scentsy Bundle Savings Will Vary Depending on which bundle you choose, the percentage saved will vary. For example, say you chose the “Perfect Scentsy-$25 Warmers Bundle.” That’s 6 Scentsy Bars and two warmers. If you purchased the products separately you would spend $86. When you use our Scentsy bundles option you will only spend $71. That’s a $15 savings!

BEST BUNDLE DEALS We think the best deals are any of the “buy 6” deals. Our favorite is the 6 Scentsy Bar deal because that’s something we always need and it’s like getting one bar free.

Not all bundles result in any great savings. For instance, you could buy a 3 Scentsy Bar bundle, but you only save a buck. IMO, not worth the extra effort.

Video Explains How to Avoid Mistakes When Ordering Bundles

The Scentsy bundles are NOT the ONLY way to save when buying Scentsy, but the deals are always available. You can also shop clearance and although stock is limited, there are usually some outstanding deals. I always say, if you see something you like in clearance, buy it quickly before it sells out!

If planning on purchasing a large number of products for any reason, consider hosting a catalog party all by yourself. You can’t physically sample any products or scents, but you don’t need to invite anyone either. If you’re already familiar with the Scentsy products, hosting your own party is another good way to save.