Scentsy 6 Scent Pak Deal

Scentsy 6 scent Paks Deal


Product Brief Description

It’s like getting one Scent Pak Free! If purchased separately you would spend $7 each totalling $42. When you combine and save it will only cost $35. That’s a pretty good savings!

Additional Product Information

Bundle and save by combining 6 Scentsy Scent Paks to purchase all at one time. Each pak can be the same fragrance or a different fragrance. It’s up to you!

The trick is, how to properly select the paks so you get the deal! You can’t just start choosing Scent paks from throughout the shop. You must be on the Build a MultiPak page. See the video instructions below:

Video – How to Correctly Place a 6 Scent Pak Multi-Pak Order

Take a quick look at the video below for clarification on how to correctly place your Multi-Pak order.