Scentsy Mini Warmers Converted to Tabletop Types
Ceramic & Glass Night Light Mini Warmers Converted to Tabletop Warmers

Convert Your Scentsy Night Light Into a Tabletop Warmer

Discover how to convert your Scentsy night light mini warmer into a tabletop warmer. It’s super easy, but be sure to choose the right base or it’s NOT going to work!

In a nutshell, glass night light mini warmers use a base that APPEARS taller and the ceramic uses a base that APPEARS shorter. There are only 2 bases, so this is pretty easy to get right. Be sure to read the information below or just watch the video.

CAUTION: First, all the bases and mini warmers must be authentic Scentsy! Don’t try using a Scentsy base with a night light made by a different manufacture or vice versa. Then, check out the info below to learn how to choose the correct tabletop base. One time a woman contacted us complaining about buying a base that did not work. Eventually, she sent us a pic and we discovered her warmer was NOT Scentsy.

What’s the Difference Between Tabletop Bases?

Video Explains the Two Different Bases

Skip to 1:35 to see the tabletop conversion portion of this video.

Description of How to Convert a Night Light to a Tabletop Warmer

It’s easier to watch the video but if you prefer reading, here are the written instructions on how to convert your Scentsy night light into a tabletop warmer:

  • Verify if you have a glass night light warmer or a ceramic. The Ceramic uses a twist off plug attachment and the glass uses a screw on attachment. See our Scentsy Replacement Plugs for reference.
  • For the glass warmer choose the tabletop base for a glass night light.
  • For the ceramic warmer choose the Tabletop Base for a ceramic night light.
  • If you’re still unsure, see the video and compare it to your warmer.
  • Place your order. Both types come with a new 15 watt bulb.
  • Once you receive your new tabletop base, remove the light bulb and base from the box and screw the new bulb into the base.
  • Remove the existing wall plug base from your nightlight.
  • Screw in or twist your night light into the new tabletop base.
  • Plug your new tabletop base into the nearest wall outlet, turn on the switch and you are all set!
Scentsy Glass and Ceramic Mini Warmers

Why Convert Scentsy Night Light Mini into a Tabletop Warmer?

Basically, we can see three reasons why you might want to bother with converting your night light to a tabletop warmer. First, not all Scentsy night light styles are available in the tabletop versions. There are a few matching sets, but mostly not. You might have a favorite night light in your bathroom that you would love to display in your living room, but there is no matching full sized warmer to buy.

Another reason is simple economics. A tabletop base is at least half the cost of a traditional full size warmer. We think the shorter base for the ceramic warmers looks okay, but we don’t feel like the taller tabletop base for the glass mini’s are the most attractive. However, the last reason for converting might be sentimental. When my mom passed away I received the night light warmer I had gifted her. I then converted it to a tabletop warmer and it sits on the mantle above our fireplace.

If going through the trouble to converting a night light is not for you, check our all the latest Scentsy warmers and buy a new one!


We hope you found this information about night light mini warmer conversions to be helpful. Also, we have replacement plugs for night lights as well.