How To Set Up Your New Scentsy Night Light Candle Warmer

Set Up Night Light Mini Warmer

Pete Gregory, husband of Scentsy Independent Consultant Mary Gregory, demonstrates how to set up your new Scentsy night light Candle Warmer. If you’ve never set up a night light warmer before, they can be a little bit tricky, but it’s really simple.

There are actually two different night lights. First we have the traditional ceramic warmer and next there’s the glass night light warmer. Also, did you know you can convert your night light into tabletop warmer? Take a look at the video and read below to learn more.

BTW, nowadays Scentsy calls all the small nightlight warmers, mini warmers. On this site, if the warmer plugs directly into a wall outlet and if it also lights up, we usually call it a nightlight. Otherwise, it’s a mini warmer. Either way, some customers don’t care for fragrances, but love using the warmer as a nightlight. That’s why we use both terms. There are also some mini’s that don’t light up at all. Instead of a bulb, there’s a heating element.

Video – Scentsy Nightlight Setup and Tabletop Conversions

In this video we explain how to set up your nightlight mini warmer and how to convert a mini to a tabletop warmer.

It’s not hard to set up your nightlight and it should be self explanatory. Basically, you just connect the ceramic or glass warmer to the plug and you’re all set. There are two types which is why we are sharing the video.

 See and Buy the Tabletop Bases

Scentsy Mini Warmer Plugs and Bulbs
Ceramic warmer plug in LT & Glass plug on RT

Night Light Warmer Replacement Parts

First, there’s not much that can go wrong with an authentic Scentsy night light warmer. Of course the bulb will need to be replaced occasionally. Just be sure to choose the correct wattage bulb. Believe me, they can be very difficult to find. There are other bulbs that look exactly like the one you need, but be very careful you get the right wattage. If you buy a lower wattage bulb, it won’t properly melt the wax. You need a 15 watt replacement bulb!

If you tried replacing your bulb, but the light still won’t work, you may need a new Scentsy replacement plug. This is rare, but it does happen. If needed, you can purchase a new replacement plug here.

When buying a replacement plugs you need to know which of the two different types to choose. We have both, but you’ll need to differentiate between the two. The glass warmer takes one type and the ceramic take the other. Be sure to watch the video for clarification.

night light base ceramic
Base for Ceramic Mini Warmer
night light base glass
Base for Glass Mini Warmer

Scentsy Table Top Conversions

Scentsy offers tabletop bases that enables you to also use your nightlight warmers as tabletop warmers. We included that in the instructional video but have a look at the photos to get an idea what we’re talking about. This is really cool because there’s no need to buy a specific tabletop warmer, especially since most nightlight warmer styles are not available in the tabletop type.

2 Scentsy Mini Nightlight Warmers

Where to Place the Scentsy Night Light Warmer

The cute little night light warmers are perfect for a bathroom or small room with a power outlet located above the counter. We have seen our customers plug the night light warmer into a low wall outlet, but it’s not a good idea if you have kids or curious pets.

Scentsy is the Safe Way to Enjoy Home Fragrances

Scentsy warmers and their other fragrance delivery systems are simply a better and safer way to enjoy your favorite fragrance. No more worries about blowing out the candle! There’s no flame, no wick, no smoke, no soot, no lead! The Scentsy warmers are available in multiple sizes and many designs, sure to fit any home or office decor.

Nowadays, we have fragrance products for any interior space, for our bodies, cars, laundry, kids, pets and more. If you love candle fragrances, you’ll love Scentsy!

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