15 Watt Bulb


Buy one, authentic Scentsy 15 watt light bulb. Words perfectly with the night light warmers.

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You will probably NOT find these Scentsy 15 Watt Light bulb replacements in stores! For example, if going to Home Depot you will find some bulbs that look like the right bulb but it’s probably a 7 watt bulb, which won’t melt the wax in our Scentsy mini warmers or night lights. This 15 watt light bulb is specifically intended to be used for all Scentsy Mini Warmers or night lights.

Yes, you can buy this single light bulb or you can buy the 15 Watt Light Bulb 3 pack, but either way you also must pay the shipping. That’s why we highly recommend buying some scented wax to go with it. The best way, so you don’t take a shipping hit, is to buy the Scentsy Bar 6 Pack bundle. That way you get a free Scentsy Bar which nearly makes up for the shipping cost.