Special Product Collections By Scentsy

Scentsy offers some amazing fragrance product collections referred to as Licensed Collections and Scentsy Collections. The licensed collections are a bit more costly, but include authentic Scentsy warmers, diffusers, scented wax, buddies, all representing branded character and references for brands we all know and love.

Our own Scentsy Collections often include seasonal products such as the, Holiday Collection Harvest Collection, Bring Back My Bar, Valentine’s Day Collection, etc.

Themed Collections

Consider the following photos as examples representing a portion of the Licensed Scentsy Collections. The collections often change, so be sure to click on the buttons above to see current collections of home fragrance products available right now!

Harry Potter Warmer Wax
Wall Fan Diffuser Mickey Minnie
NFL Warmers
Wall Fan Princess Collage
NHL Mini Warmers
Warmer Hunny Pot
Scooby Doo Mystery Machine
StarWars Buddy Clips

What Customers Should Know

  • The licensed collections are more costly due to the expense associated with selling special themed and branded products. These are major brands such as professional hockey, football, Disneyland and more.
  • All special collection products are only available for a limited time. If you see something you like in any collection, place an order soon or it really will be too late.
  • The collections are constantly changing. Customers might see one collection this month, but next month it might be replaced with another collection.

Popularity of Licensed Products

The sales of licensed products has been quite successful and are especially popular for many of our customers. Children love having a buddy or warmer in their room reminding them of their favorite super hero, cartoon or movie character. Adults especially enjoy warmers or diffusers representing their favorite sports team. It’s a perfect addition for dad’s cave or mom’s special room. In fact, gifting these themed products is always a win and perfect for any occasion.

You might notice we don’t specifically mention those licensed brands. Why? Well, as a Scentsy Independent Consultant, this is my external website, not my Scentsy personal website. When displaying photos or writing about these licensed major brands, it’s so easy to make a mistake violate trademark or copyrights. When it comes to writing, we prefer to keep our nose clean by playing it safe.