Scentsy Fragrance Flowers

Elegant Fragance Flowers Look as Good as They Smell

Add a touch of elegance and aromatic fragrance to your home or office with our authentic Scentsy scented flowers. Currently available in multiple fragrances and two different flower types for each fragrance. They are priced right and each flower lasts for 60 days. No bulb, nothing to plug in or charge. It's a free standing glass jar with a hand made flower and 3 oz of fragrance mixture.

Video Shows How to Set Up the Fragrance Flower

Description of Scentsy Fragrance Flowers

Customers are really enjoying these authentic Scentsy flowers and the many aromatic fragrances available. If you’re wondering if they come in the same popular Scentsy fragrances as with our scented wax, the answer is YES!

Flower Fragrances Available
For now, there are 12 different fragrances and each scent is available in 2 different flower types. For instance, you can buy the Blue Grotto scent in either the Buttercup Belle flower or the Dahlia flower.

How are the Flowers Made?
Each flower is hand made from sola wood which is derived from a tropical plant found in some areas of Asia. Then, there’s a jar that comes with approximately 3 oz of scented oil. The liquid travels up to the flower via a small wick. Even better, this is an unplugged fragrance delivery product. No plugging in, no charging. It’s free standing, just like a single flower in a small vase.

How to Set Up a Flower
First, be sure to watch the adjacent video.

Here’s how to set it up. Once you receive your new scented flower just remove the cap and plug from the bottle top. Attach the attractive cap. Remove any paper or tape from the wick. Place the flower into the top of the cap and you are all set!

Fragrance Flower Placement
The flower can be placed in any suitable location in your home, just as you would for a real flower.

All Flowers are Hand Made
Since the flowers are all hand made, no two are exactly alike. Of course, they are very similar, but different hands make slightly different flowers. Also, the flower colors are light but they often vary a touch. They really are quite lovely and of course, the smell great, just like all authentic Scentsy fragrances.