Perfect Scentsy $35 Warmers

Perfect Scentsy $35 Warmer Deals

Product Brief Description

This Scentsy Bundled product is called the Perfect Scentsy $35 Warmers! You get two warmers regularly priced at $35 each and six bars worth $30. Bought separately you would pay $100 but when building the multi-pak you will save $15.

Additional Product Information

You’ll see the video below shows how to place an order when just buying the 6 Scentsy Bars. When you are buying a bundle that includes WARMERS AND WAX, you must choose your warmers first, then choose Scentsy Bars.

Instructional Video – How to Correctly Place a Multi-Pak Order

Honestly, it’s quite easy to place an order for the bundle deal but see the video below for clarification.