Perfect Scentsy $35 Warmers


This Scentsy Bundled product is called the Perfect Scentsy – $35 Warmers! You get two warmers regularly priced at $35 each and six bars worth $36. Bought separately you would pay $106 but when building the multi-pak you will save $15.

Overall, this is a pretty good deal, especially if purchasing gifts for two friends or family members. You could give one warmer and 3 Scentsy Bars to each person. Very thoughtful gifts indeed!

You’ll see the video below provides some tips how to place an order when just buying 6 Scentsy Bars or any bundle. When you are buying a bundle that includes WARMERS AND WAX, you must choose your warmers first, then choose Scentsy Bars.

Instructional Video – How to Correctly Place a Multi-Pak Order

Honestly, it’s quite easy to place an order for the bundle deal but see the video below for clarification. It’s possible, since the video was created, Scentsy has made it easier to purchase all Scentsy bundles.