Perfect Scentsy $30 Dollar Warmers

Two $30 Scentsy warmers & 6 Scentsy Scented Bars


Product Brief Description

The Scentsy Companion System $30 Dollar Warmer offer is one of our new favorite Scentsy bundle deals. You get 2, $30 warmer and six Scentsy Bars for $81. This makes for a wonderful gift and when you buy the bundle and save multi-pak it’s not a bid deal at all!

Additional Product Information

Remember, you still get to choose 2, $30 warmers and the 6 Scentsy Bars. Many different warmers to choose from and over 80 different wax melt scents. This would make a wonderful gift. Think of it like this; you could buy this system, keep one warmer and 3 Scentsy Bars for yourself and give the other warmer and 3 bars as a gift.

NOTE: You MUST order from the BUNDLE & SAVE section of the website and build your multi-pak in order to take advantage of the Scentsy Bundles savings. Here’s an instructional video explaining exactly how to correctly place the order.

Instructional Video – How to Correctly Order the Perfect Scentsy $30 Warmer Deal

Honestly, it’s quite easy to buy 2, $30 Warmers and 6 Scentsy Bars bundle but see the video below for clarification.