Scentsy Nightlight Plus Three Scentsy Bar Bundle Deal


Here’s a nice bundle deal enabling you to choose a warmer from all our nightlights and then choose your scented wax from all available Scentsy Bars. Just click the order button, build your milti-pak and you’re all set! A very thoughtful gift and you’ll save a few bucks too!

This bundle deal consists of one night light warmer and three Scentsy Bars. Officially, it’s called the Scentsy System $20 Warmer but we refer to it as the one night light and 3 Scentsy Bar deal. This is not a bad deal and you do save a small amount, but it’s no great savings. What we do like that it makes it a little easier to buy a friend a nice gift without having to spend lot’s of time shopping around. It’s just a little easier and you automatically know, unless there’s a special sale going on, you’re getting the very most for your money without all the shopping around.

It’s super easy to build your own Scentsy Nightlight plus three Scentsy Bar Bundle. Just make your selections and click the button to buy, pay your tax, shipping and you’re out the door. If you have a general idea of which fragrances you want and the nightlight type, you should be able to do all this inside of 5 minutes. 10 at the most! If you prefer, contact us directly and we’ll help you choose and even place your order for you.

Don’t forget, we have plenty more Scentsy bundle deals and many offer much more savings than this bundle. Again, what makes this deal most attractive to get your shopping done quickly.