Arctic Kiss Scent Circle


Authentic Scentsy Arctic Kiss Scent Circle. Place in your car and it’s way better than those icky car wash fragrances! Smells like a mix of mint, fresh air and vanilla and comes one to a pack.

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Keep in mind, these Arctic Kiss scent circles are considered to be a seasonal fragrance. that means, they may NOT be available in the Spring and Summer. So, if you really like this particular scent, we suggest stocking up. Arctic Kiss will likely return the following fall, but there’s never any guarantee. Remember, when buying scent circles it’s highly suggested to buy by the bundle to save. Yes, you can mix and match scents and it’s like getting one free! In fact, I usually buy two bundles at a time which means I get a total of 12 scent circles for $30. Sold separately it would cost $36.