Black Raspberry Vanilla Scent Circle


Customers love this classic, Scentsy best selling Black Raspberry Vanilla Scent Circle. Make your car, locker or office smell as good as your home! This is one of our stronger fragrances and smells like a mix of apples and various spices. Comes one to a pack.

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If this Black Raspberry Vanilla Scent Circle isn’t the fragrance you were looking for please visit our Scentsy scent circles page to choose from an array of fragrances now available. did you know, this fragrance was one of the very first fragrances Scentsy released? Yep, it goes all the way back to the beginning.

By the way, it never makes sense to buy just one scent circle. To get the best value, it’s always best to bundle and save when buying scent circles. It’s like buying 5 and getting a 6th one for free. When I buy scent circles I almost always order 2 bundles at a time.