Vanilla Bean Buttercream Room Spray


If you like the fragrance of vanilla, you’ll love our authentic Scentsy Vanilla Bean Buttercream Room Spray. As you might expect, it’s smalls like vanilla with a bit of sugar cane! Smooth and creamy! Comes in a 2.7 fl oz bottle.

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With Scentsy, it seems the vanilla scents are constantly being changed and swapped out with slightly different variations, all containing vanilla. As a consultant, I’m not quite sure why, but it’s true. I only say this because, if the Vanilla Bean buttercream air freshener is your personal favorite, I suggest ordering more and stocking up, just in case. That’s not to say another, perhaps better vanilla fragrance won’t be available in the future, but you never know. I will say, when Scentsy replaces one fragrance with another, it’s usually a good thing.