Crowned in Gold Mini Warmer


Authentic Scentsy night light mini warmer called “Crowned in Gold”. It’s bright, shiny and illuminates beautifully, especially when the lights are low.

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Crowned in Gold is a cute warmer by Scentsy and intended to warm and melt our signature scented wax. It does not use scent pods. The warmer is made of glass and it glows beautifully when in use.

The warmer is 4″ tall and uses a 15 watt bulb.

Consultant Note: I have this Crowned in Gold mini in my second bathroom and usually only use it as a night light. Sure, if I remember I add the wax, but since I’m already warming wax throughout the entire upstairs, I don’t always remember. Most important is, my husband loves the way this one glows at night. It really is lovely.