Lavender Love Mini Warmer


Unique night light mini warmer called “Lavender Love”. This one is something special because the makers used real lavender sprigs and pressed them into the mold before applying the glaze. The subtle beauty is beyond compare. Order today.

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This Lavender Love melts our scented wax and does not use scent pods. The mini is 3.5″ tall, uses a 15 watt bulb and has a glazed crackle finish which glows in the dark. We really like this one and once again Scentsy has raised the bar. Yep, they just keep going all out on the most trendy fragrance delivery products.

We love the use of real lavender sprigs in the creation process and the warmer looks like something special. Subtle beauty at it’s best and we just had to buy one ourselves. Yep, we have LOTS of warmers in our home and love them all. So happy to add this to our collection.

I’ve received posts on Instagram asking if I actually use ALL my warmers. The truth is, I could never use them all, but I do use most and keep them close at hand and swap them out seasonally, especially during the holidays. There are some I’m saving as keepsakes.