Chasing Fireflies Night Light

Chasing Fire Flies Night Light

Product Brief Description

This authentic Scentsy “Chasing Fireflies Night Light” warmer may just be our most popular ever! A thoughtful gift for mom, grandma, or anyone who enjoys home canning.

Additional Product Information

This Chasing Fireflies Night Light night light warmer is a match of our full size Chasing Fireflies warmer. Most of our customers sho own the full size Chasing Fireflies warmer also own this one.

We attended the the 2014 Scentsy Family Reunion and were lucky enough to hear an emotional and inspired speech by Heidi Thompson and it was all about remembering your childhood and chasing fireflies.

It truly represents fun summer evenings and resembles a small canning jar. Yep, a child could catch her fireflies and easily store them in a jar, just link this night light.

Thank you to Heidi Thompson for your speech on that special day back in 2014. What a wonderful memory!