Whoot Owl Night Light

Scentsy Owl Nightlight Warmer


Product Brief Description

Our Scentsy customers love this authentic Whoot Owl Night Light warmer. She’s also has an older brother, the premium version table top type warmer and it’s a perfect match.  One of the most popular warmers ever and displays nicely as it glows in the dark.

Additional Product Information

Savvy customers take advantage of our Scentsy Bundles to save money by buying the Scentsy $35 Companion system. You get one $35 warmer, one nightlight warmer and three Scentsy Bars for $60. Sold separately, you would spend $70.

Contact us directly and we’ll place your order to make sure you get the very BEST value when buying Scentsy! 661-210-7617 or email Mary Gregory at [email protected]