Scentsy Christmas Warmers and Holiday Gifts

2023 Scentsy Christmas Collection

Scentsy for Christmas 2023!

The 2023 Scentsy Holiday collection is here and customers are placing their orders to insure they’ll receive their products in time for Christmas!

This year the Scentsy Holiday Collection contains many terrific holiday themed products and many really are something special. If you missed buying our holiday products in the past, now is the time to take advantage. The sooner you place your orders the better chance you’ll have it in time for Christmas! As our regular customers know, the most popular Scentsy Christmas warmers and products sell out quickly and sometimes they are gone for the season. Sure, Scentsy will replenish the stock, but this takes time and sometimes that one special item may not be available in time.

This could change, but if ordering in the United States, you MUST order by Dec 15, 2023!

Scentsy Christmas Holiday Products 2023
2023 Holiday Products

The pics directly below consist of products from the 2022 Scentsy Holiday Collection and some from 2021 that have carried over to this this year.

Scentsy Holiday Collection 2022

If you want to receive Scentsy in time, you need to place your order. The deadline to receive them in time for Christmas is usually a couple of weeks before Christmas. We expect this year to be the busiest ever so we cannot make any promises. Please note that Scentsy can’t be responsible for weather, carrier issues or other delays beyond our control.

Scentsy is always festive during the holiday season and we all love seeing the holiday collection. Looking at the most recent 2023 holiday warmers it comes as no surprise the latest is creative and unique. Honestly, just beautiful! AND, it’s NOT just warmers, we have some terrific holiday fragrances for our scented wax, scent pods, essential oils, bath soak, scented flowers and buddies for the kids. Is there more? Of course!

When it comes to gifts, there’s something thoughtful AND affordable for everyone! That includes mom’s, dad’s, kids, grandpa, grandma, aunts, uncles, friends, employees and even the boss! Okay, scratch the boss:)

We sincerely wish you and your family the very best during this holiday season and of course, if you have questions or need help shopping for Scentsy, call us today!

Mary & Pete Gregory

Scentsy Holiday Products of the Past

The pics directly below consist of products from the 2022 Scentsy Holiday Collection and some from 2021 that have carried over. Be sure to check out Scentsy Clearance Products and you might find something from previous years on sale.

Scentsy Holiday Collection 2022
Scentsy Holiday Collection 2022
2020 Scentsy Holiday Products Coming Soon

Scentsy Christmas Warmer Examples from Past Seasons

As each new holiday season approaches, the Scentsy Christmas warmers and holiday products of the past are moved down into this section. Yes, it’s fun to look back at past collections it should also give you an idea of what might be coming for this holiday season.

By the way, if you received a Scentsy warmer as a gift, we have some helpful Scentsy tips available to help you get the most from your gift.

2019 Scentsy Holiday Collection
2019 Collection

2012 Days Til Christmas Warmer
A 2012 Christmas Favorite

Each holiday season we are pleased to share and sell unique new Scentsy Christmas warmers and holiday products to all of our friends, family members and customers. The problem is, the warmers and other holiday related products are only available for a couple months before the actual holidays and the most popular often sell out quickly, leaving some customers hanging.

Please remember, it’s important to place orders as early as possible.

More About Scentsy Holiday’s Gone By

The 2018 holiday season has come and gone, but it offered a wonderful holiday collection of warmers and other popular fragrance products. We loved the Down the Chimney warmer which actually looks like Santa’s boots. The cute little Sleigh Bell warmer was a hit as well. Oh, and don’t forget the cute little Gnome warmer called “Gnome for the Holidays”! Remember, sometimes Scentsy secretly offers a few select holiday products from the past. In fact, in 2022 the Holiday Lights warmers are available to buy.

By the way, plan to give someone a Scentsy warmer as a gift, we have some helpful Scentsy tips available to help you get the most from your gift.

See below more past Scentsy holiday products from 2018.

Scentsy Holiday Warmers 2018
Scentsy Holiday Collection 2018

Holiday Lights Warmer
Holiday Lights – 2012 Collection

Authentic Scentsy Christmas Warmers the BEST!

Scentsy is the leader in home fragrance systems and most of us know they make the most unique and attractive  Christmas or holiday themed warmers on the market. Unfortunately, that also means the Christmas warmers and other holiday products sell FAST, forcing some to buy an off brands they are usually disappointed with. As a result, we have a plan in place to be fairly sure we’ll be able to get your new Scentsy Christmas warmers as soon as they become available.

Scentsy gingerbread cookie warmer
Gingerbread Man Warmer – 2011 Collection
3 Red Truck with Christmas Tree in Back
Christmas Tree Truck Warmer – Back for 2022 Collection
Scentsy christmas tree warmer
Christmas Tree Warmer – 2013 Collection