Scentsy Rose Gold Cordless Warmer

Scentsy Rose Gold - Cordless Warmer


Product Brief Description

The only difference between this Scentsy Rose Gold cordless warmer and the other Scentsy Silver cordless warmer is the color of the vertical band running down the middle of the warmer container. Yes, the pic in this one shows a gradient blue background and others you’ve seen might show another color, but you are in control and can choose from to seven different LED color settings.

Our cordless warmers DO NOT melt Scentsy Wax. Use the new and authentic Scentsy Pods, SOLD SEPARATELY!

Additional Product Information

In addition to the lighting controls, you can also take control of the amount of fragrance being delivered. Other than the vertical band rose gold band, this Scentsy rose gold cordless warmer is no different than the silver one and you will also have control the strength of the fragrance and the LED seven color show display. Use with Scentsy Pods that are currently available in your favorite fragrances.

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The Scentsy Rose Gold cordless warmer does NOT use wax but the scent pods work perfectly and last up to 120 hours. The BEST way to purchase new scent pods is to bundle and SAVE. It’s like getting 1 Twin Pack, FREE.

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